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salt lake superpass question.

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searched around a little and i'm still not sure if there is a way to do this. i want to get the superpass online for my trip that starts saturday. the thing is, everything i've found says that you have to redeem your vouchers at the ticket window of one of the resorts before you can ride the bus up the canyon. first of all, that seems like a waste, second, my flight doesn't arrive until 5pm, which means the ticket window will be closed when arrive in salt lake. so my question is, is there any way to get my pass without having to drive up to snowbird or pay for my first ride on transit? anyone been successful with this? thanks in advance.

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I believe you can only get the Superpass in conjunction with lodging.  I have always bought them at my motel and just had it add to my bill.  If you bought one on line you should check with the motel/hotel to see what they say. I think you can just pick it up at the motel desk, use it for the shuttle, and then redeem if for a ticket at whatever area you go to, but I have never used the shuttle myself.

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No you can buy them online - travelocity and orbitz this winter I believ.  I got ours on travelocity.  It says you can pick them up at the visitors center downtown too, so we tried to do that to have the passes to use on te bus in the am.  But we got there just as they were closing.  However a very friendly departing employee told me they had several times in meetings this winter said the bus drivers should accept the vouchers because of the difficuty of exchange - so that's what we tried.  The driver took it no problem - make sure you give him your receipt for the superpass though and not the actual voucher which you need the voucher at the window at the resort to get the actual pass.  Enjoy!

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thanks, that's exactly the kind of answer i was hoping for. 

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the bus driver accepted my voucher last year.

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