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EEEE Wide Feet

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Need suggestions on a pair of boots. My feet are exceptionally wide and this has presented a problem in the past. I have not purchased a pair of boots in six years and am hoping someone makes a wide boot now.

I have no real price point and would even consider custom boots should they be available.

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dependant on the level you are looking at there is


head edge 104mm last, head S line to be replaced next season by Vector 103mm last, Atomic B tech 104mm last, salomon mission 104mm, tecnica entryx 106???


the most important thing is to find a fitter who can assess the whole foot, you may find that many of these are too high in volume for the back of your foot...the solkution is to get a boot which fits the rearfoot and ankle area then make the front wider to fit


good luck

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Strolz makes a EEEEE width shell with a foam injected liner. The model is the FSX.  Find more info here at www.strolzskiboots.com  I am the Pacific Northwest dealer.


Call Tim at www.strolzboots.com to find out where a dealer is near you,

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You could try Daleboot in SLC.  I provided two this year to almost impossible to fit fellows and they worked well.



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just about any good bootfitter can make a boot 3-5mm wider, per side, so this should not be a huge deal.   nothing will fit him (or most people) off the rack, with out some mods to it.


I'd start with a good local boot fitter (good list at the top of this forum) and if you need to go the dale boot/ strotz option so be it, (they are great, but not always that close to you, so adjustments, or replacement parts might be hard to deal with)


lange concept is 104, salomon mission a VERY wide 104, and most other companys make a wide option.


again, seeing someone local, and that is good, is  a great starting point

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