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1. Stand on one foot. When in balance, hop sideways 4 to 5 feet and land on the other foot. Hold, on one foot, for a count of 5 and hop back to the other foot. 20 hops.

Do the following exercises while balancing on one leg without touching your free foot down. Start slowly, hold the position and lower slowly. Start with 10 reps each leg.

2. Combine hip extension with hip flexion. On the 1 count bend at the hips, lifting your free leg backward. Then straighten up on 2. On 3 bring your knee to your chest and lower it on the 4 count.

3. Hip Extension. On the 1 count bend forward at the hips, lifting your leg backward. On the counts of 2 and 3, touch your stance shin/ankle with alternating hands. Lower your leg and straighten up on the 4 count. Do not rush. Make 4 distinct movements. Breath!

4. Combine a side leg raise with knee flexion. Stand straight, lift your free leg to the side, hold and lower it. Then bend your knee toward your chest and lower it. Raise your knee past horizontal. Use a 4 count.

5. Side leg raise. Lift your free leg to the side and bend your upper body to the other side from the hip, hold on 2. Try for a horizontal body. 3 count.

6. Plantar Flexion. Stand on one foot. Rise onto the toe of that foot, hold for 3 counts and come down on 5. Note: It is sometimes easier to think of raising your stance heel rather than rising onto your stance toe, but do not bend your knee.

7. Dorsiflexion. Stand on one foot. Bend your stance knee, lift your heel and put all of your weight onto your toe. Your stance knee should be moving forward. Hold for 3 counts, then lower. Do not touch down. 5 count.

8. More Dorsiflexion. Stand on one foot, raise your stance toe as you place your weight on your heel, hold for 3 counts, then lower. Your stance knee will not bend in this exercise. Same rules. 5 count.

9. More Hip Extension. Stand on one foot. On the 1 count, bend at the waist and extend your arms forward. On 2 touch the floor with your stance side hand, do not lean on it. Straighten up on the count of 3. Breath!.

10. Stand on one foot, extend your arms horizontally to the side. Turn your body and arms both ways as far as you can on 1 and 2, but keep your eyes forward. Return to start position on 3. Keep your ears over your shoulders. Then try it while turning your head and upper body along with your arms. 10 reps each foot. 3 count.

11. Stand on one foot, do a shallow knee bend, hold, and straighten. 10 reps, 3 count.

Good balance. Melf