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Special Ski Size

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     I am looking to purchase my first set of skis, I have looked for a while and set my heart on the K2 Recons. My problem now is I am not sure what size to get. I am 5-10 and 260lbs (big dude) whenever I have gone skiing before (about 7 times a season) I have asked for 156-160 and I like the way they ride but I am not 100% sure that this is the right size for me any suggestions out there. Thanks everyone.



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I am the same height but weigh 185 lbs.


For race I have 180cm kneissl white stars

All mountain I ride 173cm

and I have 165cm for my rock skis


I'd think how well you balance plays a big part, the longer the ski, the easier to not fall out the front or back at the expense of manuverabilty

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I balance pretty well, I am a college athlete and I like to be as agressive as possible, but mainly I am trying to increase my skills, so I want to get the right size for that and me.

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Do you ever leave the groomed?  If not, you could get away with a 170.  Otherwise the 177 for mostly groomed and the 184 if you spend most of the time offpiste, although if that were the case I'd recommend a fatter ski altogether.  This is a damp, stable ski that is a pretty good choice for a guy your size.

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As of right now I am a 80% piste skier, but after I grad I plan to move outwest for a while and want to persue more of a 50/50 repertoire. I dont know why but I feel like moving away from my comfort zone of 160-166 is scary. I dont know why. But like I said I am willing to relearn to get better. (very focused athlete).

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170-177, you'll be fine... Go demo some skis in that length if you have any doubts.   

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Originally Posted by Beakjones View Post

I am the same height but weigh 185 lbs.


For race I have 180cm kneissl white stars



Please write a review of these.

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