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There have been a number of times where I have watched pro tennis and had a relatively positive and dramatic carryover to my own tennis the same or next day. This has been especially true when watching people at the senior level pro tour who hit the ball more similarly to me than someone like Roddick (although watching Roddick has also had some of this affect). This transfer happens most effectively when I watch from the baseline near ground level where I feel like I am in the point. It can also happen from first hand experience when hitting with a very high level/pro player.

Unfortunately, this effect does not seem to be long-lived for me although it does give opportunity to experience a higher level of performance which in the long run does lead to improvement.

While I haven't had this indirect effect from video in my skiing I have certainly had it from first hand experiences following some great skiers.

Has anyone had this experience from watching skiing video and do you know of any particular videos that give you longer stretches of a persons skiing (which I think is part of what it would take to work for me). Even better, does anyone know of any videos specifically designed for this effect?
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There was a helmet cam video on Powdermag.com of a guy skiing powder at Alta. I think that would be pretty good for what you want. But it's not there anymore.
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When I was coaching at Blackcomb one year we had a video set up in a tent at the top of our lane. The kids raised their level quite a bit after watching a few World Cup runs.
As for tennis, I usually play worse after watching the pros.
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Originally posted by Si:
Even better, does anyone know of any videos specifically designed for this effect?
Well, I've definitely taken a lot out of watching ski videos, and they've helped both my skiing, and my teaching/coaching..

The best ones I've seen have been from the CSIA and CSCF. There's an amazing CSCF video that only the examiners have. If you could get your hands on would surely help. Ohters include the World 2003 video, and the AIM K1/K2 video (for working with kids). Both those are from the CSCF and have a bias towards ski racing technique.

The CSIA videos I like are the "technical series" and "skill assement and development" videos. Both those videos have great skiers performing various skiing drills, and skiing in a variety of conditions.

All the above mentioned videos are available at www.snowpro.com the CSIA/CSCF website.

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