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What happened?

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Have I become jaded or what? It seems that a year or so ago there were a multitude of interesting topics in skiing technique & instruction, some of which even had to do with skiing better. Now it seems to be a bunch of fluff.

I started a post on balance that got more than 300 responses, none of which answered my original question, but it was interesting.

Perhaps I should start a new thread (I guess that is what they are called), perhaps about the use of the word professional in the context of P.S.I.A. Maybe that would get some juice going.
I will have to do some thinking about this subject. Later.

Melf [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Professionalism! Now there is a catch all word. Do you mean when we are working with our students or when we interact with each other. I have skied with some great instructors who extend a high sense of fun integrity. They are not gender specific they just have a passion for the sport The journey of learning is so great. That is profressionals who just happen to belong to PSIA. Maybe I have on my rose colored glasses.
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Or by "Professionalism" do you mean they are a "company man", more interested in the survival & (financial) growth of the company, rather than the job they are assigned. Is a professional one who puts the profits above the public?

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Darc is right....professional can become the ultimate buzzword along with "unprofessional"

Melf, I'm dieing to read your old post in order to determine how all those folks could miss the nail.
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melf, I agree that for a short while this one forum had a lot of threads about the PSIA exam. I would think that is a one time a year issue. I'm fairly new to Epic ski. In the short time I have been here I'm impressed with the quality of the people on this forum. There are a lot of ski professionals that help us weekend skiers out. There is some great threads and post. I'm sorry you feel that your question on balance was not answered. I didn't read or don't remember reading your thread. I'm sure there is a lot of help here, there are a number of members that you could PM with your question. Or may be this thread will get you the answer you seek. Also remember the season is over for a lot of us in the north. The south is just begining there ski season.

Yes, balance is a good thing. You do not want your upper body moveing around to much. I try to ski with my upper body as quite as possible. I practice by looking at the horizone and try to keep my shoulders aligned with it. There are alot of small things that you need to work on.

A lesson is a good thing.

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Things get quiet as it warms up in the northern hemisphere. People do check in still, so you have to start and maintain interesting topics! You can talk about exams or anything anytime.
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