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Chamonix Skishops/Bootfitters?

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Hi all,


Going to Chamonix at the beginning of March.  I am planning to buy a new pair of boots and maybe new skis as well.  For the boots I will most probably go for Salomon Falcon 10s or Nordica Dobermann Pro 110s,  thus I might need a good shop with a good bootfitter.  Any recommendations?


Many thanks



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Hi Evren,

The place I would strongly recommend is:


I would suggest that you contact them before hand to make an appointment as they tend to be busy.

They are located about 100yds from the Aiguille du Midi lift station.


One of the bootfitters on EpicSki - Smallzookeeper - learned his trade there.



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Hi Evren,


I plan to visit Chamonix by the end of March and I need a good bootfitter also. Hope you may find a good store there and recommend


Gorusmek uzere, simdiden iyi kayaklar..


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Found it!

Here's my review of the bootfitting experience I had at Foot Works...



Hope that helps.

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That helped a lot.  Very much appreciated. I will call them and try book an appointment.


Many thanks

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try http://www.thebootroom.fr/ ask for Jules, he worked the WC circuit and is one of Europes top fitters.

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I didn't realise Jules had a website (ok, just checked it and it's saying it's under development)


Yes, Jules is a great fitter too, but he's not always in Chamonix - last time we met up, he was in Tignes with the French race teams.

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a friend got fit by him a few weeks ago in Cham and was raving over it. 5 hours of his time and he charged only a little over the boot cost.... not sure where he works out of though.

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he works out of sanglard sports most of the time and ski clinic in cluse on saturdays...before the start of the season he can mostly be found on the glacier at tignes or following a race team somewhere, the website is now running and it has contact details  
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I can not speak to their boot fitting ability but the folks at Foot Works certainly are nice to work with. They spent a lot of time looking through several large garbage bags full of spare parts trying to help me find toe and heel pieces for a pair of old Lange boots. I just hope I get back to Cham soon so I'll have an excuse to give them some business.
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I got fitted by Jules from Bootroom last week.. he is a great guy, did a great job.. located in Sanglard Sport, 5 minutes walk from Chamonix center.. Although I did not buy my boots from him, he worked every day on my boots according to my comments after skiing and charged very little for the service..
I strongly recommend him..
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