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tuning in MA

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I live in Leominster (north of Worcester) and am looking for a good place to tune my skis. HAving had bad tunes before, I am now a little more careful. Do I need to go to the Ski Stop in Westwood, MA or is there somewhere closer? Is there a list of GREAT tuners somewhere? I am willing to start one....Jim at the shop in Killington, at Sno-Shed lodge.

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I'm from lancaster, and though I've never had ski's tuned at Westwood Ski Stop I had my Boots fitted there and the People are great.


Have you had issues with getting tunes at Mt. Wachussettes?

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i dont like the mount because it is so crowded and commercial for such a small hill--never tried a tune there. you like them? who did you use?

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I've had mounting work done there last year and they were great to deal with.  I haven't had a tune there in probably 12 years.  I didn't spend much time skiing the past 10 years and had been renting till last year. I live in NY now.

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Go and see Mike at SkiMD in Framingham.

He's a former WC tuner who has the experience, knowledge and equipment to make most any ski better.

I recently brought in a pair of Atomic SX B5's to him to work his magic on, and they are the best that they have ever been.

His base grinds are works of art. And after he reset my edges to .5 & 3 degrees, my skis hook up faster and release easier than ever. And to think that my local shop had them at 3 and 3!

Now it's nothing more than deburring, waxing, and lots of brushing to keep them fast and sharp.



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+1 on Mike Desantis. is his website. 

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I have always found that tuning in mass irritates the priest.

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 Stop the press!  I live in your area and worked in Sport Loft for 10 yrs (do not go there!).  What I have found is the less you tune your skis on stone grinder the better off you are.  A ski only has a finite number of tunes in them.  They never seem the same after you stone grind them, as a result of poor grinder maint. and inexperience.  The only place I would take my skis to be ground is Strand's in Worcester.  They have a 1/4 million dollar machine made by Montana.  There are only a handful of these machines in the country.  And as far as I can see, it's the closest thing to getting back to factory finish as I've seen.  Now granted, they are an odd bunch up there but Roy works on this machine exclusively and he is a pro.  All other shops have several guys that tune skis.  You never know who you're going to get and how much experience they have.  Roy's forgot more about ski tuning than most "experts" know.  I recommend them highly and the same goes for boot fitting....ask for his twin, Leif.  Don't let looks deceive you.  Go to Strands!

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tnx so much for your replies. really appreciate it. interesting though that everyone has their own favorite. Worcester is closer to me than Framingham so I might head that way unless a bunch of people start to worship skiMD.

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Nothing bad to say about Strands, no direct experience, but if you search on epic you'll find quite a few of us who swear by Mike D.  He doesn't "tune" or "grind" skis - he "refinishes them."


290 to rte 9 and rte 9 east is not as bad as you might think. They're right on Rte. 9.

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 Mango,  Thanks for that referral.  I'd never heard of Mike D.  I checked him out on the web and I was impressed! ( ). I work in Southborough,  I will give him a look see.  I will admit, I'm anal retentive to say the least.  By the looks of his shop and reading some testimonials, I would say the same for Mike.  

I still say if you do not need this degree of precision but are looking for a great tune,  check out Strand's and insist "Roy" does the work.  I think it's only $25 to boot as opposed to $80 to start.

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