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How To Repair Peeling / Delaminating Clear Plastic Topsheet Cover on Fischer RX8

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The clear plastic top sheet of my beloved Fischer RX8's (165cm) has started peeling off / delaminating after a collision with a slalom gate during a fun run down a slalom course (sanctioned run).


The part peeling off is a clear plastic sheet that covers the top sheet graphics. If you run your fingers across the plastic sheet you can feel that it is very slick and has small grooves running longitudinally. The peeling area starts at the ski-tip protector and runs back about 5 inches. At is widest point it extends about 1.5 inches from the edge fo the ski toward the centerline of the ski. I skied on them once after I initally noticed the peeling area, and the peeling area got bigger as a result of skiing on it. I can see why skiing would cause the peeling area to spread, as the peeling area is on the shovel, which is often churning through the snow when the skis are on edge.


I purchased the skis new in Februarry 2008 from an online vemdor (no Fischer dealer in my town), but the skis are from several model years back.


The issue appears to be cosmentic only, and I would prefer to fix the peeling area  rather than return the skis for repair or replacement. I would appreciate any advice that anyone can provide regarding this repair, especially people who have experience doing similar repairs. My thoughts:

- I need a low-viscosity adhesive so that it will flow right up to the peel/no-peel junction.
- I need an adhesive that will remain flexible and not break down under moisture and low-temperature conditions.
- Ideally I would like to have a clear adhesive so that the graphics are still visible (I like the looks of the ski and I would like to do a professional job!).


I am thinking a low-viscosity epoxy resin is what I need for this job. Any recommendations or product suggestions? Or is there a better product for this job?


Also would appreciate advice on best way to do the repair:
- Best way to apply the adhesive so that it spreads right to the edge of the peel/no-peel junction, so that there is no bubble or boundary line?
- Best way to apply even clamping pressure a curved area (where the ski tip turns upward)?


Any other ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.




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You should start by giving Fischer Customer Service a call.

Hopefully you still have your receipt showing that the dealer that you bought them from is an authorised Fischer retailer.

There have been a few people here on the forum who have had the same issue, and have had their skis replaced by Fischer.

I'd do that before I attempted any repairs.




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Urethane (Green D-50) is a flexible and recommended adhesive and seems like that and clamping will do the job.


Here's SVST's Epoxy Chart:


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-  second on the urethane (make sure you get one with low expansion, some of the moisture cure ones like Gorilla Glue just go nuts.)


-  glue syringe like furniture repairers use


-  use the base side of the  tip of the other ski, urethane doesn't stick to fluoro waxes or Zardoz very well so you've a built-in release layer.




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Thanks to everyone for the advice.


ctskierguy, I am not sure that the skis came from and authorized Fischer dealer. They appear to have been leftovers from several years ago. Plus I am in Canada and I bought them from a USA-based online vendor. So not sure if I would get anywhere pleading my case to Fischer, plus there is cross-border shipping hassle.


Alpinord and comprex, I am in Canada and ordering from SVST will take longer than I want to be without my skis. I did a Google search on "clear flexible urethane adhesive" and came across a LocTite product (which I can buy locally) that to me seems comparable to the Urethane Green D-50 at SVST that you pointed me to. The product is called LocTite Hysol U-09LV clear low-viscosity urethane adhesive. Here is a product description link: http://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/31876

What do you think?


In any case, thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction.


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Other than knowing how it performs when cold it appears to be a good option.


Best Regards,




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I had this same year of RX8.  The delam on my skis wasn't nearly as bad.  Bought them online and had a authorized Fischer dealer send them in.  They are happy to do it.  That's what being an authorized dealer's job is.  They sent me a pair of brand new RX8's. 


Don't assume you can't send them back.  This is a very frequent problem with this model.

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