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Keystone 2-2-09

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Today was my first time at Keystone and I loved it.  Even though Keystone has not received any significant snow in more than a week and rocks and bare spots abound on the ungroomed runs, I had a lot of fun carving the groomers and ripping the trees.  Temps were in the mid 30s with a good breeze on top.  


I spent most of the day skiing the trees accessed by the Outback lift.  The trees start near the top of the lift and continue almost to the bottom of the lift.  I can't think of any other tree runs I have skied that are as long.  The snow was softest on skier's right of the lift line.  The variety of the terrain was great.  Some sections were relatively open with bumps while others were tight and steep. 




I also hiked up the cat track and skied the North and South Bowls.  (The cat was not running today but most of the bowls here can be accessed via a short hike.)  The South Bowl, due to the exposure to the sun, was crusty and hard.  The North Bowl had soft snow and some heavy untracked powder.        



South Bowl


North Bowl


Carving paradise



Not many people on the slopes today


A six person lift and a gondola start and finish at the same place.  There must be big crowds here on weekends.


View of Breckenridge


Tracks of the day's runs

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Keep em coming, Dave.  And how about some vid

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I was there from 1-30 to 2-02, and yes, the weekend was very crowded, however, for that many peeps, they handle it very well.  Many, many patrols out and about, very good  infrastructure, imho.

There is a reason it's so crowded, it's one of the best family spots, huge, I mean huge park, relatively long runs, and close proximity to Denver.

Almost as good as Big Sky? ......naw!

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

Keep em coming, Dave.  And how about some vid

He met up with us at Copper on Saturday!  What a treat to get to ski with him again after Stowe!

Go get 'em Dave!!


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