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Snowboarding should not be allowed at any ski resort, period.

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Too big of a blind side.  Just plain unsafe.  I had a freakin' snowboard instructor turn into me yesterday so I introduced his nose to the end of my pole.  If there's an accident on the hill it involves a boarder, guaranteed.  Kick those bastards off the hill and it'll be 1000% safer.

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Boarders can be fine, but an instructor to hit you is quite odd. He was probably hot dogging it.

Most boarders dont care and think skiers are just a bunch of chumps and boarding is way harder.

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Hey, check out my avatar, it's a gondola!  SWEET!

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Personally I don't have problems with snowboarders in general. But I do have problems with those snowboarders I call them buttsliders.

They normally set camp just few meters under break and on middle of course. Yes I know, I should come over break slower, but that's not the point. I really don't understand idiots sitting on middle of course, not considering they might actually cause something bad to happen. And normally, they would get hurt more then me. If I hit them with skis at 80+km/h in their back, I'm pretty sure I will break quite few of my bones, but they will most certainly get killed. Do such people think at all?

Or is there something else, that I don't understand, and it makes sitting or standing under break on middle of course so attractive? I would say common sense would tell you to stop above break and on side of course, but I guess I'm missing something.

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link --> Chaos revealed 


Watch it!!!

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I think it was Jim Rockford who said, "let's not start that stale booze versus pot debate again."



"...and call to see if Paul can score some weed."




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Cascade Club?

Is that where you line a bunch of boarders up like domino's and push them over?

Cause I'm all for that.

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Great point.  Btw I heard that the secret society of skiers or whatever you belong to has a secret church of skiing at Alta.  Is that true?  It's kind of like the Free masons in the Davinci Code.  They hold services on the High T and Rustler.


Of course it would have to be at a place they don't allow boarders so it kind of makes sense ...


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riders only respond to peer pressure, and they seem not to exert much on each other, with respect to credit carding, fallen leafing, and hanging out all over the slope. If it becomes "uncool" to side slip all over the mountain, then the practice will fall off.

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Chaos is just jealous that he doesn't now how to snowboard.  It probably has something to do with not being breastfed as a child, and he will make some lame attempt to turn that around and make a joke against my mother or something else just as lame.


Some of you other posters in this thread need to check your troll monitors.  I think it may need adjusting if you take Chaos seriously. 


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Hey now, we can tease the boarders all we want.
Doesn't mean we are "serious" about it.

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I'm starting to see your wisdom.

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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post

I'm starting to see your wisdom.


Glad somebody see's something. I can't read this sight with the white background to save my life. I'm just winging it!

It's just a stereotypical thing. Just like racism. Most racism is just stereotypes, not color of skin.
When I think of boarders at the hill, i think of 16-25 year old kids who have no care for anyone around them, what they do, or who they hurt, just themselves and their board, and they are the only one on the hill.

I think boarding is awesome! I would love to board, but I'm having to much fun on skis. Just a bit of respect from boarders would greatly change the skiers opinion of them.
Just the same with the acception of different stereotypes.

Some day everything will be marry and gay, but till then.

SNOW them boarders when you go by, show them why not to sit in the middle of the hill.

I'm really gonna get poed next time i see somebody crash and almost get hurt from a boarder sittin in the middle of the hill.

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