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She LOVES it!

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Thanks for all the info you guys gave last year.  My daughter (7) starting boarding this winter and really is loving it.  She's just amazing.  She has taken a group and private lesson and will take another private this weekend.  It's been really fun living vicariously through her.  Her only real issue is her frontside edge.  She hasn't figured it out yet but I think she will soon. 


Thanks for all the info.  She's just dying to get into the park.  LMBO

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Congrats! Time to get a helmet!


Have her try this for toe side turns: raise your arms straight above your ahead and turn your palms toward the sky. This forces you to arch your back which makes it easier to balance on toe side turns.

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Oh, don't worry. She's been wearing a helmet since she started skiing at 2.  :)

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Some people don't like using ski poles to learn how to turn, but when I've taught by using a ski pole.  It can slow the person down and gives them a feel for how the turn feels.  Drag the pole on the front side, dig in a little and this usually helps start the turn.

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She figured it out quickly.  :)  She's just amazing.  She even got into the park and was trying the box and some rails.    I can't tell you how much she loves it. 
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