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Volkl G4s

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Does anyone have an opinion on the 2003 G4s? I've been trying to get a pair of these since 1999 (G40 or whatever the name was back then), and I just spotted a pair at EBay. I managed to ski them only for a few days, but every time I get on them, its great! Some shop in Chamonix told me in December 2000 that there wasn't a pair to be had anywhere in Western Europe, so I settled for the Dynastar Special Editions (like the 4x4) - heavy, not responsive, and not very good edge grip.

So its time to finally get the dream boards. If anyone knows of any major modifications to this year's model, I'd like to know. Also, what's a good price to buy these at? I've seen $600 to $750. Thanks in advance for any comments... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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probably can still get them from telemark pyrenees if you want. they're not on the regular ski list, but i think if you email them, they will have them.
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I just picked up a pair of brand new 2002 G4s at the Vancouver, B.C., ski swap for $449.00 Cdn. They retail here for $950.00. They had lots in 178 length that didn't sell at the end of the swap.

I understand that other than cosmetics the 2002s are the same as the 2003s.

Unfortunately, if you are in your europe this probably doesn't help you. You may want to call a store called snowcovers, the retailer who were selling off there 2002s at the swap. Their phone number is 604-738-3715. They are reputable and you may be able to arrange shipping.

Good luck.
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