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Inland PNW Schweitzer Tue

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Going to Schweitzer Tue/tommorrow, Shell 1/2 price day.  Anyone want to join us. Pete and Van from St. Maries.

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Pete, what is this?  There is nothing about it on Schweitzer's web site.  If I can get off work, I might come.

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Resonate11,  Shell Gas promotion, buy 10 plus gallons and get a ski voucher.  Good at Schweitzer on Tuesdays, 2 lift tickets for the price of one.  I am going tommorrow with a bud here from St. Maries.  We have enough vouchers but with 3 we will have to find another in parking lot etc. to get a half price lift ticket.  Shouldn't be too hard. It is 851 now call me in the next hour if you can make it.  208 2452851   Pete

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Pete, thanks for the information.  I won't be coming this Tuesday.  But this is good to know in the future.

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Lots of PNW hills participate.



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Wow, just saw this but had to work overnight anyway.  Still, we got 4-5 inches of fresh yesterday morning so it should be a nice day up there.  Enjoy!

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