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Impact 8 Question

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I picked up a pair of Salomon Impact 8's this year through a local shop with a pretty good reputation.  So far the boots ski okay ... but I am having problems with my left foot going numb/falling asleep when I am standing (lift lines, catching my breath, etc).  It seems like the buckle tightness does not matter ... it happens with the buckles loose and tight.


Prior to this boot I had some X-Wave 8's, which I believe were replaced by the Impacts.  The X-Waves were a size too big, but I did not notice this at all (probably because they were too big :) ).  Prior to that I was in SX-92 Equipe R's for about 15 years and I had zero issues.


So, beyond scouring the web for some replacement SX-92's, does anyone have any thoughts on what can be done to mitigate the numbness?


Thanks, drn92

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you need to have a bootfitter look at this, it sounds as though ti could be related to lack of flexion at the ankle, a small hell lift may do the trick, but the impact is pretty agressive in terms of forward lean and may need a little open boot surgery, are you using a footbed? if so what type?

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Thanks for the input.  What would typically cause my foot to go numb? 


I've called the bootfitter ... he said to bring it in and he would work on it.  I might not have time to see him before the weekend ... I am going to try to put the instep buckle on the middle (highest) setting if I cannot get to the shop.


I have the stock footbed. 


Thanks drn92

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first thing i would look at would be getting a decent footbed in there, either an off the peg or if you can afford it and want the best a custom product, then start working on the boot...first thing would be a heel lift, then the cuff


good luck

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does this happen without ANY footbed (remove the stock, flat one)


numbness is usually a lack of circulation thing, so more instep height might help.

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I have not tried without any insole ... but that is another thing I will do this weekend.


Thanks, drn92

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