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Edwards, CO as a home base?

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Hi all.  We are coming to CO with my daughter for three days of skiing, flying into EGE.  Probably going to do Vail, BC and Breck since they have 6th graders skiing free.  I originally was going to stay in one of the hotels right off of I70 but have been looking at condos/townhouses in Edwards.


How conventient is Edwards?  How about Avon?  Are both nice towns?





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Many folks are renting out apt units, condo’s, townhomes in the Avon/Edwards; a nice quick option for the Beav and Vail’s 3 exits off I-70.  In particular, Edwards is a clean quiet residential area with some shops and eats and Starbucks all tied together on the Main Street walk which is a simple few blocks from the Edwards I-70 exit and just another block from hwy 6 running parallel back east into the Beav. 


As for a trip to Breckenridge it could be a bit of a slog if bad weather backs up Vail pass, otherwise it’s not a bad drive over to the Frisco exit and the Hwy 9 trip then back to the parking lot adjacent to the BreckConnect Gondola.


While Edwards certainly does not have the Vail nightlife or Breck’s many options, it most likely would serve you and daughter well for a home base to some great skiing at a good price.


Do your Google vetting as well as take a look at some satellite map views of Edwards and Avon.  Enjoy the trip Marc.    


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Edwards is becoming a new area with some great restaurants and shops as it's rents are cheaper.  Off the top of my head it's got my favorite Dish (check out my TR in the Food & Drink section), Eat!, Drink!, Cut!, The Bookworm (the best coffee and crepes!), Rick & Kelly's, Fiesta Jalisco, Larkburger, Gore Range Brewery, Mi Zuppa and various other eateries and shops.  It's about 5 minutes from BC, 15 from Vail and yeah a bit of a trek to Breck but just pick a better weather day and you'll be fine.  I'd say go for it.  If you go to Dish tell 'em I sent ya.


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We ended up renting a condo in Avon (Canyon Run) right by the river.  Looked a little closer to the action than Edwards and we got a really good deal for the four nights.  Thanks.

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