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Motion iPT Fore/aft Adjustment

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I have the Marker Motion iPT w/ Piston integrated binding on my Volkl AC30 skis. I've adjusted the DIN and forward pressure, (yes, I know how), then went skiing in Utah last week. I want to move the binding 1 or 2 cm forward on the rail, then readjust the DIN/forward pressure.


I see that the lock screw has a lock/unlock symbol, but when I unlocked it, the binding did not move forward. Is there an easy way to do this? Also, do the AC30's have a mark on the ski that lines up with the center mark on the boot?

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I have the same question, this binding does not have the 2 adjustment screws on the heel, just the din adjuster and a plastic pencil diameter sized piece protruding where the adjustment screw sits on other bindings on the heel piece.  Also the lock/unlock screw on the side?

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This is answered in my thread in the "Ski Gear" discussion under "Marker iPT Fore/Aft Adjustment".

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