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Utah Bound

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I am heading to Utah the last part of February. I am an Advanced Intermediate skier. I ski mostly Blues with some Blacks mixed in that I think I can handle (no cliffs or super steep runs).


I had planned on skiing three places...Alta, Park City, and Powder Mountain. I just recently read an article about SnowBasin and I am really intrigued about this place. It seems that it is pretty nice with not a huge amount of people there. I am now thinking about extending my trip by a day and add SnowBasin. I don't really want to replace any of the mountains I mentioned...so adding a day seems the right way to go.


What I want to know from you guys...am I making the right choices here for my skiing ability? I think SnowBird may be over my head...looks like it is a LOT of expert terrain. I have been to Deer Valley before...it was just okay. I have been to the Canyons....it was fun but too hard to get around. I have been to Park City...but only half a day. My buddy got a concussion from first time snowboarding, so we left early. What are you thoughts about Snowbasin...is it worth the extra day??


I appreciate your feedback....

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I think you would like Snowbasin since it has a lot of great intermediate terrain and some good blue/black terrain.  I also don't think Snowbird is over your head--advanced intermediate is the line you need to cross to really enjoy Snowbird.  If you show up at Alta on a nice day, you ought to consider the Alta/Snowbird joint pass so you could at least get a taste of both.

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The extra day is always worth it if there's snow.  But anyway Snowbasin is a great place during the week and definitely worth checking out.  Only thing I wouldn't do maybe is add a Saturday as that's the busiest day.  Other than that you'll be good.


Powder Mountain is a great find - we did two days last week there.  But to me it's worth it because of untracked possibilities mostly.  Groomers aren't its draw if that's what you're in search of.  DV is better for that.


PCMR has a really good mix for you.  There are difficult and untracked trails there also if you want to try them.  Again not on a weekend!


Snowbird might be over your head, but it's hard to say.  It's a steep place though - not a lot of bailouts like at some of the others.  There are squares and greens but limited and the bailout runs tend to get skied out, with the boarder factor thrown in it can be frustrating for an intermediate.  The draw there again is steepness and difficult terrain with lots of snow that holds up.  Mineral is nice on the backside but I was surprised the number of cliff-outs you have to watch out for!  If you can do em great but I don't get the sense you're at that level.

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I will definitely be there for Saturday...that is my last day. We fly out on Sunday. Maybe I will reserve Powder Mountain or Snowbasin for Saturday...I figure they will not be AS busy as Park City or Alta on the weekend.


I have never really skiied any powder...that is my goal this trip. I usually stick to the groomers...so I am ready to branch out for the real stuff this trip. I figure I will take a powder lesson the first day. The last lesson I took (2 years ago at Park City) REALLY helped.

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We did this the other day and all I can say is - I'd do Powder Mountain on Saturday.  It'll be busier but less so than any of the others.  They have a lot of easier trees and even greens with powder there.  There are very hard trails too but at 7000 acres there's plenty for everyone.


Also - on that my buddy rented Scott Missions there - they have some nice rentals if you want to try a fatter ski.  You may want to get there a little early but actually we got em at around 945.


Good luck!

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