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Is our yutes really this stoopid?

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It's hard for me to believe sometimes, just how dumb kids can be when the strap a snowboard to their feet and pull their pants down around their knees. (Ok, maybe there were a few skiers involved too, just to be fair).


Yesterday we're taking a run through the terrain park at our local mountain. We'd been through once earlier to check out the features and hit the jumps and a few boxes to get the feel for things. My youngest daughter (8 yo) took a huge face plant on the biggest jump...for some reason she thought she'd just hit it full speed the first time.


Second time through, a couple hours later, and the place is crawling with kids -- majority of whom were boarders. We get to a jump where you kind of stop and set up, and there are kids all over the place off to the left, and some sitting on the left side of the jump watching others in the herd do some rails or something. I tell my wife -- it's ok, they're off to the left, just go.  She's not sure, so she wastes her turn and skis down to the jump -- and what do you know -- there are kids sitting in the landing zone. Just sitting there, watching the action on the rails!!!


WTF????  Seriously, how can kids be that stupid. If I'd been there first I'd have assumed nobody was dumb enough to be sitting there, and I"d have either gone myself (in which case anyone sitting in the landing zone would have been in a serious world of hurt), or I'd have sent one of my kids -- and they likely would have gotten hurt.


I suppose I'll talk with a patroller about the situation -- maybe they need a park ranger, like the ranger on a golf course -- to keep thie little morons off of landing zones.


One of the things I try to teach my kids is situational awareness on the mountain, at all times. They understand the skier responsibility code, and they understand they also need to be mindful of where they are, where they stop, how they merge from one trail to another, what to do when they are stopped and then start again.


These kids obviously know the danger of sitting where they were, and that they are ruining others runs by having to be told to get the F off the landing zone -- I guess it's just the pack mentality, because they can't individually be that dumb.


Besides that...what an awesome bluebird day we had here in central NY yesterday.  Soft packed powder, soft bumps, everything open and in great shape. The sun did finally bring out the crowds though, with 5 minute waits at times -- which is WAY longer than we've seen all year.



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I find it kind of interesting that it was the park kids sitting on the jumps and the parents coming through with their kids getting pissed off.

Thats a 180 of how it usually is (or is supposed to be), I've always been under the impression that park rats tend to "self moderate" and yell at people when they do stupid things.  Sitting in the landing zone is probably stupid act #1 in the park.


Then again, I know what mountain you were at and there are some really dumb kids there, I've seen lots of S.P.O.R.E.s going into the terrain park and glades there.  Kind of scary really.  Especially the snowlerbladers, who for whatever reason have been the thorn in my side lately.  GP seems to be the place to go rent gear, not take lessons and try to act out what you've done in video games.  Not really sure why its so much crazier in that respect than say Lab, Song or Tog.  Different crowd I guess.


Which park were you in, the big one up top or the progression park down by the A-frame lodge?  If you were in the big one and people were doing this, thats really dangerous.  At least in the progression park you can see all of the landing zones before take off.


Sunday certainly made the top 5 for this season so far, but the lines were horrid.  I've never had to wait so long for chair 4, it was nuts.  We stayed over by chair 5 because it was far less crowded, well except for the parking lot, that was hopping with tail gaiters.  


Oh yeah thanks for being a good parent and teaching proper hill ettiqute, there needs to be way more of that.

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Time for some more snow board bashing! hahaha.


I see the guys at the local hill out there with shovels fixing up the terrain parks, they really care about them. It's actually kinda nice to see boarders do something good.

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Dumpy - pretty funny post there about snowlerbladers...GP is crawling with them.


What does S.P.O.R.E. stand for? 


This was in the "big" park -- the one roped off and marked to indicate certain death awaits if you dare to enter. The first jump after the wall is where it happened.  I just can't fathom sitting in the landing zone.  When my one kid face planted and my wife was gathering her up on the landing zone I stayed at the top of the jump with my hand up for anyone coming down, and had them get out of the way as quickly as possible (even with my daughter crying -- hey, if your'e going to hit the jumps, you'll occasinally crash and burn). Later on we talked about what happened, and that she shoudl have either hit it slower the first time or even skied around to look at it first (this is the last jump in the park). Maybe I'm a safety weenie, but to me if I dont' teach my kids situational awareness, I'm a sucky dad and should'nt be out there with them.


Wish we'd tailgated SUnday, but we had to get back and get ready for a superbowl party. 

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Originally Posted by billyymc View Post

Dumpy - pretty funny post there about snowlerbladers...GP is crawling with them.


What does S.P.O.R.E. stand for? 








In otherwords about half of the snowlerbladers at Greek

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Teaching your kids to scope jumps first and to do speed checks is not being a safety weenie at all, thats just developing good park habits.  Do you really think that Jon Olson and Simon Dumont huck blindly?  Nope, anything of any size, they are scoping.



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