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Photo Freeze

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Any time I open a thread with photos my browser freezes. This has never happened before. Any ideas?

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What browser are you using, and can you provide the URL of one of the threads you're having this issue with?

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Explorer 6 or most recent Firefox. So if I open the Gear, Resorts & More tab, for example, it just freezes (eg, shows the hourglass).

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IE 6 is the buggiest browser ever to exist. So much so that designers need to design for everything and also IE 6. Since you asked for 'Any ideas'.....use Firefox and don't look back.


I think I will create a website - dontuseie6please.com

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I've had this problem using Firefox too. Where I'm using IE 6, let's just say I don't have a choice.

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Do you have this problem on any other sites that use decent numbers of images?

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