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It's snowing in England!

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Might not be much, but I can dream!


Am I dreaming?

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Now get out there and romp.    


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It's snowing here as well. It's the 5th or 6th time this winter.

I am more than happy took me 2 hours to drive to work (over a distance of 8 km)

People here have forgotten how to drive in bad weather!!!!

Hope in England people won't be as gaga...

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No, people in England can't drive in snow. So, for safety sake, rather than doing a 180 mile drive to work this morning, I'm working from home.

Might leave after lunch, but not if it keep snowing like it is right now.

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At least the birds are having fun...



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Very cool Fox.  I guess you get snow about as often as we do here in the NC lowlands, predicting a little bit tonight, but not expected to stick since it will be in the 60s (F) here this afternoon.


Watching the Liverpool Chelsea match today-recorded it last night.  I can see the flakes coming down!  Guessing the match will be a draw like most Reds games.


FWIW I played on the team in high school in Minnesota in the snow many times.  That frozen ball hurts like hell when it smacks a naked thigh.

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Thankfully the match didn't end a draw.


I won't spoil the result for you


...let's just say that you'll never walk alone if you score two goals, but if you've got the blues, it's probably nothing.

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Yay!2 more for Torres!


The top left jersey is my #8 Gerrard

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Very cool! 

Does this mean Brits will get inspired and start chartering planes to Killington, VT USA ?

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Ski Britain!

Don't they have something like 3.2 ski areas in Scotland with an average of 5.6 runs and 661 ft. vertical?


I think it's time for a real ale...

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