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Red and White Bindings

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Okay, my other post did not post up. Thank you new sight.... grrr.



Friend is being picky, and wants red and white bindings. I have not saw any. They are going on a pair of Hart Attacks. He wants them to match and look pretty.


He is looking for something similar to marker 12's or better. I do not have a good knowledge of bindings, nor have I saw a pair of red and white bindings.
Red and silver are not cutting it with him, he's being picky.

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Tyrolia (Head) FreeFlex bindings are white and red.


Most bindings and skis are now paired together so you have to be careful.  However if mounting with no plate the Head/Tyrolia FreeFlex will work.  Otherwise you may have to replace the plate on the ski with one matched to Tyrolia Free Flex bindings.


I will get killed for saying thijs but ....


Typically ski bunnies care about colour of skis and boots and skiers care about performance.



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They are the original hart attack design, not the current, they are awesome looking ski's i do not blame him for trying to color   match. I have not seen a pair of tyrolia red and whites, just red and silver. I will check out for some tyrola's.

With as nice as the rail flex system is, I would use it unless you dont want ski flex for carving at all. The attacks are an all mountain type of ski that can carve, not quite as well as a carving ski though.

Thank you mike, Will go look for some tyrola's tos ee if ic an find any.

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Markers comp

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Marker Comp 14, 16, 18, 20, or my all time favourite, the Comp 30.

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If your friend is insists on having colour coded bindings, then he should get a pair of Vist bindings with changable covers.  When he gets bored with red and white he will be able to change to match the colour of his new ski suit/boots/skis.  Or if he is racing, he can just get red ones as they go faster.

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I just got the Marker Griffons this year. They're white and red, and so far they have been awesome bindings. I definitely recommend them.

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