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New boots are 3mm larger

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I bought some Dalbello ski boots today to replace my old nordicas. The new boots are 3mm larger than my old boots (328 vs 325mm). They fit into my Tyrolia bindings in a dry fit, but my question is will this make a difference in my release in crash event or will this extra 3mm put un-necessary strain on the bindings. I don't believe the Tyrolia D17 plus bindings can be adjusted only 3mm. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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So long as the forward pressure indicator is in the right range with the boots in the binding you're good.  If the indicator is outside the range, take the boots out of the binding, adjust the forward pressure by turning the screw, and check again.

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Yeah, check the forward pressure.  My skis are all in the car right now, but if I remember right, there is about plus/minus 2mm of slop when centered in the forward pressure indicator.  So it really depends on where in the range the old boots were.  If they were on the low side, you're probably OK.  If they were centered or on the high side, the new boots will probably need the heel pieces to be moved back a click.


So check the forward pressure indicator and go from there.

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 Great post thank you. Looking a little deeper into it and for others reference here is a link to tyrolias tech manual, page 22 shows the forward pressure indicator tab behind the heel and where the acceptable range is.

For me it looks like I am fine, with either boot (the new or the old) the forward presure indicator is in the identical spot. The heel of the boot does hit a bit farther back in the binding heel cup but I think I am splitting hairs at this point.

Thanks again


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 Exactly the same?  Is the indicator moving when the boots are clicked in?

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Well not exactly. With further inspection it looks like the new boots are one line farther along. I took some pictures. Which I will post soon but until then here the description. There are 6 scribed lines.

With the old boots the indicator is at the third line exactly. With the new boots the indicator is at or nearly at the fourth line (boots slightly bigger). But since there are still two whole lines left on the indicator I believe we are in the exceptable range. Correct me if I am wrong. I will post a picture or two asap.

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Had a similar issue not too long ago.   The FF d17 does have some adjustability, 3mm difference should be okay, as it was in my case, but as others have said check the forward pressure, you can optimize the setting if needed as I did even though I was at the edge of whats acceptable.

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I went from a size 28 Salomon performa with a 328mm sole to a size 28 Salomon XWave with a 325mm sole, and didn't realize there was a difference.

I found that the binding released prematurely under forward pressure with the smaller sole.

At the time I didn't know that the size of the sole in mm was visible. I assumed all size 28 Salomon shells would be the same size.

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As long as the indicator moves to within the range when the boots click in, they should be OK.


Some people have clicked in with NO movement of the indicator because the bindings were set too big, and then mis-read the scales, thinking they were in the range.  So I always advise internet queries to watch the metal tab slide relative to the housing so that you're in range.  Gotta make sure the boot is causing the heel piece to slide back and displace the forward pressure spring.

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