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Problems with emoticons/smilies

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1) The shortcuts don't work.  :)


2) You have to call up the entire list to select one, rather than just picking from a pop-down menu


3) You can only pick one at a time, and have to re-open the window each time you want to add another one.

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4. We are missing some (irony meters for example)

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While we're on the topic, we don't have enough emoticons and smileys on here. Other boards have a very large emoticon selection and we could use a bunch more. Can we please get some fresh emoticons added to the popup menu?


I also agree that we should be able to add multiple emoticons without the menu closing  

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XD smiley face excellent, looks like we can add custom emoticons by using Source mode in the post editor.
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Please to explain your Source technique.

fresh emoticons would be fine but let's get the ones that have already been baked back. 

Far more important though is to get rid of the current wait for the window to pop up, pick one, then start over.

As a work around for now, maybe it's possible to make multiple selections before the pop up box closes?

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...or have the popup be persistent?

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