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I dunno what to call it...

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but on the old site you could scroll over a thread title and the first couple sentences from the Original Post in that thread would pop up.  This works here for the most recent post in a thread, but not for the original one.  Think we could get that back?

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yea, thats dorked me up a few times.

Its nice to see what the new post is, but i'd rather just see what the first post is. Genereally i know the rest of the posts and dont want an exherp from the latest if i've been reading the thread, cause i'm goign to enter and read it all.

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Ditto, want excerpt from FIRST post, not last post.

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Fixed!  Nice work guys!  Way to be on the ball, I have noticed a bunch of issues fixed already, including this one!

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It seems to work now if you're viewing a forum, but not if you're viewing the new posts lists.  Could we get it to work there too?



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Yup.  works now.  Thanks!

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