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The problem with full-sized images....

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I thought I'd like that the new software does not resize images. But now I'm starting to think that the "old way" might be better, in which images were reduced in size to fit better on a screen, but which when "clicked" would bring up a full-size image in another window.


Here's what the problem looks like:




And it's a problem that my own images have caused! (I apologize!)


Best regards,


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Bob, you can change how images behave, by selecting the image, then right clicking.  That lets you  change the displayed size, boundaries, justification, etc.  Here look at this copy of your post where I used a width of 360 pixels (auto height), border of 1, horizontal and vertical spacing of 15 and alternate left and right justifiction.  You can still click the image to see it full size.



There is, of course, specialized software available that can automate the process to a degree. "Dartfish" is the program that creates the instant montages you've seen on some television broadcasts, particularly of the Olympics. It makes me sick how quickly and effortlessly it does its thing, but the results I've seen, while looking fine on television, are not of the quality of a hand-made montage. Still, I can't help but envy it! It is not inexpensive.

Good luck! Please post your results, as well as any good "tricks" you come up with.

Here are a few of mine, all of which have been posted here before:

Patrick Deneen, US Ski Team (moguls), training at Mt. Hood last summer; from 35 mm DSLR













Freestyler Sammy Carlson, also at Mt. Hood, from high-definition video











Cyprien Richard (France), Noram GS at Keystone last season, from high-definition video









Me, Arapahoe Basin, 2007, from high-def video












David Oliver at Telluride, from progressive scan standard definition digital video













Dan Egan, Arapahoe Basin 2008, from hi-def video








Ben Atkinson, Keystone A51 Terrain Park, from progressive scan std def video







Me again, Arapahoe Basin, from high-definition video











Toni Sears at Arapahoe Basin, 2008. Note that the camera was zoomed for the last frame, requiring that it be enlarged to match the rest of the sequence, and losing some sharpness. Don't zoom when shooting for montages!





Some of these images have some additional Photoshop work, to fill in the background (mostly through "cloning") and otherwise polish them a bit.

Best regards,

PS--Please note that these are all copyrighted images, and I reserve all rights.

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Cool! I'll play around with that. Is that a default that I can set somewhere? (Don't answer that--I'll figure it out!)


Thanks, Tom.


Best regards,


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Images that you host here at epicski.com are automatically sized to a reasonable size.


All images (local and remote) can be resized by simply dragging their edges in the editor.


There's not really a good way for us to force off-site images to a specific maximum width.  Setting the width attribute would stretch small images. IE6 lacks support for max-width style, which is the best solution to the problem.  There are IE6 workarounds, but they introduce high processor overhead, and can even cause IE to crash.

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