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Great thoughts. Your point is well taken and valid.

My intent was to place the focus on the relationship with the student. Not on the organization or system.

As we train new instructors we do need to provide a framework to direct their development. We need to be carful to do this in a way that they grow to be open to new ideas and focused on the needs and priorities of their employer...the guest/student.

If an instructor/coach is truly focused on the needs of the student they will be open and flexible while molding the learning experience to fit the student. Success of the learning segment is judged by the student.

If the instructor/coach is dogmatic in their aproach more emphisis is placed on the organization, the steps of the 'system', and the instructors performance. The instructor tends to be narrowly focused on moving the student through the proper steps and molding the students performance to match the model. Success of the learning segment is judged by the instructor or organization.

Sorry to ramble on. Now stepping off of soap box!
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I'm glad to see you found HH and Diana to be good folks - I'll vouch for them.

I really don't think it's an invention either. I think it's more of a unique method and process.

What I mean is that if I take something from there, mixed with something else, then mixed again, I now have something that's unique.

Like in my business, I take PC's, add in some Dialogic boards, then write C code on top of it all to arrive at a unique program. But is it an invention? No. I didn't invent PC's or Dialogic boards and the C programming language has been around for years. But when I mix PC's, with Dialogic boards, with C code, with my application, I have something that's unique -- that is until someone copies it.

So I think that's what HH and Diana have done. A little of this, mixed with a little of that, mixed with some new ideas, and you have PMTS. Is it an invention? No. How could anyone say ski instruction is an invention.

But is it new, the approach they're taking? I'd have to say yes, because I see no one else doing what they're doing.

Corey Dillon looks good. I'm making turns tomorrow at Copper if you're interested. If so, drop me a PM.

later gator -

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