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Snowmass/Aspen for Spring Break?

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Our family is thinking about going to Snowmass/Aspen for spring break this year and wanted to get Bears' thoughts.  I have never been there before and like going to new places/resorts.  Our spring break this year is basically the first week of April (this is the latest our break has ever been) so I want to pick a location where the snow should still be decent.  According to Tony Crocker's website Snowmass should be good, but I wanted to hear from folks regarding real life experiences.


We have skied all the Summit County resorts and Vail, BC, and the Park City resorts and really like Vail, Breck, BC, PCMR, & DV.  My wife and 12 year can ski anywhere on the resorts listed above (she grew up in Colorado).  My 9 year old skis blues and single blacks and our seven year skis blues and is starting to get the hang of blacks.  I will soon be the anchor holding back the family skiing, but can ski groomed blacks and am making it down the black bump runs in one piece fairly regularly (although the technique sometimes leaves a lot be desired).  We are usually so spent by the end of the day that we really don't need anyplace fancy to eat although we will take one day off to regain our legs, so something fun to see/do is always a plus.


Based on the above, does it sound like we would enjoy Snowmass/Aspen?  My wife's comment was that she didn't remember Snowmass being all that challenging (she and my oldest son will usually sneak off to do some double blacks while I hold down the fort with the other two), but that was 20-25 years ago.


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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One of the most incredible days of skiing I've had was three years ago about the 10th of April.  On closing day at Highlands, I went to ... Aspen Mountain to find 12 inches of new fluff.  Since everyone was at Highlands, I skied untracked until 1 PM.  It was truly a stellar day.


Aspen/Snowmass is lower than many of the resorts in CO, so it gets warmer than most.  Given the amount of snow we've received this year, I doubt that you are going to have a problem with inadequate snow, but it is two months before you are thinking of coming.  That being said, some of our best skiing is in March and April -- that's when we typically get the most snow and biggest dumps.  Spring skiing is generally quite good.


If I were you, I'd go for it.



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I just got back from Aspen last night (31JAN2009 @ 11:30 PM).


It was AWESOME!!!


I skied Ajax, Highlands ans Snowmass.  Most of my days were spent knee deep in untracked doubles.


I hooked up with a buddy's friend who lives in Aspen and is registered "in bounds" and "out of bounds" guide.


With his knowledge we were able to cover (or uncover) the secret stashes.


I recommend you go.  Get a guide...it's worth it.  If the snow (powder) is not there the right guide can take you to the stashes...


As far as Snowmass goes...there are copious amounts of terrain for the advanced skier...the Cirque (12,000' +), Hanging Valley Wall to name a few.  With a guide you can do some very nice longer black and 2x runs...


I will gladly recommend our guide if you are interested.  He was great!

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Sounds like Snowmass would be perfect for your family.   You have to look for the black DD terrain at Snowmass, it's there,  it's just not in your face like Highlands or Ajax. 


Moops:  Who was your guide?

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