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Jackson Hole Visit Feb 22-27

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Hi Bears.

I’ll be making my first trip to Jackson Hole! Skiing Feb 22nd through the 27th, including a day trip out to Grand Targhee. I’ll be traveling with my local ski club, but only a small group is making the trip, and only one of my usual cadre of ski buddies will be coming along. (I know, I know. Just because we LIVE in Miami, where our beloved sport is referred to as “Snow Skiing,” doesn’t mean we are all FROM Miami. There are a ton of transplanted Yankees, Europeans, Canadians, and Westerners here to leaven the Cracker, Latin, Caribbean mix.)


Have tentative plans to hook up with Bear Skierx, and would be delighted to make turns with any other wayward Bears.


The Club has arranged GT transportation and lift tix, so I’ve got no say as to when we’ll head that way.


I’ll be spending the week prior to my arrival in Jackson skiing with my son in Vail. We will not have access to EpicSki PMs after the 13th, but I’ll have an iPhone to get calls and send/receive email. I’ll send my contact info to any interested Bears via PM.


I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to ski at JH. I’ve been made aware that I may be given a substantial beating, so I’ve one question: Shall I bring along some bandages and a bottle of Jameson’s, or can I obtain them in Teton Village?

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Bazzer life is too good,thats like 2 holidays back to back!!! you are the man. Lady Salina will have her lap top with her if you need to get on line in Vail. Looking forward to meeting you and your son.

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After yesterdays back treatment (one more on Tuesday, the other side) I am feeling much more confident I will be ready for this trip, might not be in the best condition but still will have a great time on the mountain.  Might take a day or two to get my legs back.  I will give you a call when we arrive in JH and look forward to taking some turns.


Simon and I will be making a trip over to GT as well but are going to hold out for a powder day if we can.


Talk to you soon and enjoy Vail



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I wanted to bring this thread back alive.  A friend and I are heading out to JH this Friday (20th) and plan to ski the 21st through the 27th (with a day or two off and a trip to GT during the week).  We plan on getting together with bazzer and who ever else would like to make some turns.  We should have a computer out there with us but feel free to pm your email or phone number if you would like to ski together.



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I'll be out there with some family members as well.   PM me your contact info and we'll hook up.    Skiing from the 22nd-27th.  

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Hey Fireball and skiierx

Got my hands on a computer to borrow for a few minutes. Don't know if and when I'll get the chance again, so can't rely on PMs. Fireball, you can get my contact info from Jamie. Love to hook up with you.


Powder day at Vail yesterday. Crazy good time. Some unbelievable lift lines, but can't blame others for having the same desire to get some turns in.



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Fireball, check your PM's and nice to see that you have already enjoyed JH once this year.  I remember your crash pics on Philpugs JH thread....very nice.  We look forward to skiing with you.


Bazzer, I did see that Vail received a nice amount of snow for you and your son to enjoy.  I had heard that weekend lines were quite long there!  I will touch base with you when we arrive in JH, can't wait to get there, lets see how much work I get done this week !

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Hmm, looks like it's snowing there today and the forecast gives reason for a bit of hope:


Is anyone else going to be around next week?   I thought there was an old thread from a few weeks back where a few other Bears mentioned they'd be in Jackson around the same time.

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Yes it is snowing.  I doesn't seem like a huge dump, but conditions are good and getting better.  I would love to ski with anyone who is here if I can get my schedule under control.  PM me for my cell number.

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It's been quite good -- snowed most of the day yesterday, some overnight, and most of the day today.  The snow was a little heavy (not wet) lower down the mountain, but fairly light from mid-mountain on up.  I think it's stacking up to the tune of 4-5" each 12 hour period.  I hit knee deep powder throughout the day today (or knee++ deep if you count the bow wave, and keep in mind I'm 6'1").  It was fantastic.


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Thanks for the update.  1 more day of work and if all my flights are on time we will be there around 2pm Friday, skiing on Saturday.  Not sure we will ski JH Saturday as we have an invite to head over to GT for the day.  Decision to be made when we arrive.


Skier219, you still going to be there this weekend?

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Nah, I'm headed home Friday.  Which is just as well, I really skied hard the past couple days (powder frenzy) and don't know how much longer I can last at this rate!

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I know I will have the same feelings come next Saturday!  Have a great day tomorrow

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Heading to the airport now...

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I and my crew got into town yesterday - looks like it'll be a nice bluebird day today, and then 6-9" predicted for monday and tuesday!


I've got my new Goats waxed and ready and have the fingers crossed!

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 Looks like a near-repeat of last week -- enjoy it guys! 

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