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Vail Visit Feb. 15-20

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 Hi Bears.

Bazzer Jr. (15 years old,) and I will be heading back to Vail to ski from Feb. 15th thru the 20th. We had such a wonderful time skiing with our new EpicSki buddies over X-mas, that I’ve got to give another shout out and offer to make some turns with any wayward Bears.


I know that President’s week is supposed to be a nightmare, but that’s when Jr. has his school break. I know the area pretty well; so can usually avoid long lift lines. We almost always hit the lifts as soon as they open, and ski until closing time. Should be easy to arrange meeting time & place. (Powder days the rules change a bit. Waiting time for stragglers is then cut to 30 seconds.)


We will not have access to EpicSki PMs after the 13th, but I’ll have an iPhone to get calls and send/receive email. I’ll send my contact info to any interested Bears via PM.

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Spoke via phone with David [deliberate1] last night as he is unable to post or PM now with the site change.  Betsy and I will try to meet up with David and his wife as well as you and son and [if that is not enough] a couple of other Bears that David mentioned coming in from points elsewhere.  BTW, it sounds as though you have given him a great plan of attack at Vail   So the initial target date[s] at Vail are the 14th and 15th.  I believe you have his contact info.  Talk to you soon.

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Lady Salina will have her Lap top with her so any Bears have acess to the site if they really need, I don't think she will bring it to the hill but we are staying right in town. I have your Cell phone number so maybe you wanna meet up for dinner. We should be in Vail by dinner (land in Denver 130PM Sat) DonD Looks like you are already there hehe and I think Jon Wills arrived yesterday or today. Looking to meeting up with you and the others.

Salina is packed already!!!!! We where actually talking about changing our flights to tommorow then thought better of it.


Till later

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Despite shortage of posts on this thread, Bazzer Jr. and I are getting our dance cards nicely filled with Bears and other friends.


Have tentative plans to hook up with SkiNebraski and his Flatlands Posse on Sunday the 15th. Our first day on the hill and I believe Nebraski’s last. He suggested showing us around Stone Creek Chutes in Beaver Creek. I’ve never been there and am game for almost anything. I think that B Jr. will enjoy spending some time with those young college men, sharing tons of enthusiasm and feats of lunatic daring. I’m easy, and am more than happy to let Nebraski call the shots for his last day.


DonDenver & Betsy, I’m sure that all y’all would be more than welcome to join in if Sunday is the only day you can get to the mountains. Any day that you can make the scene, I’ll find a way to hook up. Will always be open to your company.


My last contact from Deliberate1 stated he, and possibly Mrs. D1, were going to take a 3 day clinic, then leave their last two days open for some Bear droppings. I’ve got them penciled in for turns on Wednesday or Thursday.


Have no specific plans, but hope that we’ll be meeting Old Boot and Lady Salina early in the week.


Jon Wills is also on the fringes, and may make his presence felt. Always a place for a wandering Englishman in my world so I expect that we'll firm up through further communication.


CoSkiGirl is otherwise engaged. Somebody has to do some work next week, and that’s certainly not going to be me.


Got some local friends who may join for some turns, feedings, and drinks.


Any other Bears who care to join in this boondoggle of turns and good fellowship, please feel free to join on in. A PM to most of the Bears mentioned on this thread should lead to a pleasant reward. If anyone will be skiing with some teenagers, my son would most certainly enjoy the company of people close to his age. Some of us older folk like to stop and breath on occasion.


If you do make some turns with us, and find that you don’t really care for my company, that’s no problem. Just ski away from me fast. Sometimes though I’m a little slow on the uptake. Better ski away REAL FAST.


In all sincerity though, it will be my privilege to meet many of you and share some time on the hill. 


Let ‘er rip, and let the good times roll.


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Skiing at Vail on Tues Feb 17th. I'm taking the bus from Breckenridge, so I will arrive around 9am. Would love to meet up anyone else to ski, since I am solo. I ski mostly blues and blacks.


Please pm me, if interested.

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Hey Indyhokie.


Welcome to Epic. Not sure about rules and regs after the new formating, but in the old days, i.e. two weeks ago, I think that you needed to have 5 posts before you could send or receive PMs. Maybe you can share some jokes, ask a few questions, drop hints about food, or tell fabulous lies about your skills on a few threads, then shoot off a PM or two. I'll try to send you one in the AM. 

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Thanks, for the info Bazzer. I'll try to get to 5 posts.

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Cool Indyhokie

Jon Wills is also in Brecenridge and looking at Bus times to Vail . I just sent Jon an email to tell him to post here as soon as he gets a chance.

Bazzer if you say we have to go to Beaver Creek the first day we are there (as long as snow and hills are involved) are you sure Bazzer Jr is OK with carrying his old man's equipment that far for you?

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This is sounding pretty nice.  Can't wait to meet up with some of the people here.  I hope I'm up to Beaver Creek on Sunday and not ill with altitude sickness.  I was planning on taking it easy the first day, but that is only if I really need to.

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I'm not saying that Lady Salina is getting over enthusiastic or anything but do you guys remeber that movie from the 80s "Close encounters" ?

Well Lady Salina has been building a trail map (remeber the guy in the movie that built the big mountain in the middle of the room?) This thing although I am not sure if it is to correct scale or not is getting out of hand. I am expecting her to send me out to the store for little army men that she can glue little cookie skis on and mount them on the hill.

I wounder what this will cost me to get onto the plane???Oh well hope Saturday hurries up so she can relax!!

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Hey Old Boot. Not to worry. I thoroughly enjoyed SkiNebraski’s company when we first met, and would very much like to spend a bit more time with him and his mob. I’ve never skied at BC, and understand that the Stone Creek Chutes are pretty demanding. Still, I believe that Sunday is the last day of Ski’s trip, and common courtesy dictates that he gets to call the tune. Probably wise to take it slow the first day out, but I never have been the smart guy in the room.


I’m pretty fit, but expect to get winded until I acclimate to the altitude. Sunday may indeed be a tough day, but if I’m feeling a bit whipped, I’ve no objection to pulling over to the side of a run and wheezing quietly to myself. Baz Jr. and I are fairly seasoned travelers, so know to stay hydrated. Effects of altitude are a bit of a crap-shoot, but I play the percentages and have been fortunate. Generally sleep poorly for several days, but that's been the worst aspect for me in the past.


We’ll have plenty of days to connect if Sunday does not pan out. No sense beating yourself up too much early on your trip. It is after all your vacation. Do what pleases you and feels right.


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I'll totally see how the alitude affects me and make the decission Sunday morning.  I've never been affected by Altitude, Old Boot usually get some very mild affects, noticed only by him.  Now saying that, I've never been above 10000 feet and I've never stayed over 8000 feet that we'll be staying at in Vail.  I don't think even when we heli skied we were above 10000 feet.


I'm less worried about my physical fitness for the skiing then the possibility one or both of us will need an adjustment.  I hope not, since we bought a 6 day pass, I really want to be out there open to close for Sunday to Friday.

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I am very sorry that I'll miss this go 'round but the Divas and a family ski reunion have filled my vacation day dance card for a couple of months.  Anyone doubting, Bazzer is fantastic company so be sure to take a turn or two with him! 

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It's ok Coskigirl

You can involve your friends and family on a ski day in Vail. We promise not to judge you on those you are seen with!!


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Oh, I would happily but the Divas won't arrive until March 1 and the family not until March 13.  Most of my other ski buddies are bears as well.  Too bad the timing doesn't work better as the Diva tour will be fantastic. 

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Wandering Englishman replying.... (been wandering on the slopes, snow is fantastic!)


just sent indy (clive) a PM to confirm about getting the bus to Vail on Tuesday, really looking forward to hooking up with you all.


jetlag and altitude effects should be finished by then, legs working again!


will keep an eye on this post to see if anyone else going from breckenridge

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Great Jon.


Got you and Indy penciled in for turns on Tuesday. Give a yell by phone when you know about your arrival time. B. Jr. and I will be on the hill when the lifts open, and we'll arrange an effective meeting place. I wrote an email to Indy describing Powder Day rules changes Might do well to have him share that info with you.


Will be my pleasure to share some turns with you soon. BTW, there may be a few other Bears snuffling about. 


CoSkiGirl: It was 82 degrees and sunny here today. If I were not a bit sun-burned I might think that I'm blushing a little. Thank you for the kind words. Enjoy the rest of your season, and in the off chance that I get to return to CO this year, I'll be sure to let you know.

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BK,  It looks like your CO trip is coming together nicely, seems like you are putting together a lot of fun days for you and Jr.  You are a very lucky man for being able put 2 weeks back to back!


My rehab is going well and I am hoping to be around 80% by the time we get to JH.  Have a great time in CO and we look forward to meeting up with you in JH.

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Hey skiierx.


Glad to hear the good tidings regarding your recovery. Yeah, the Bears seem to be wandering out of the woodwork and all should be grand in CO.


I took a pretty good shot to the ribs a few days ago. Got some bruising and it hurts to laugh, cough, and sneeze. May only be able to make turns to the left. B. Jr., sensitive lad that he is, has taken the opportunity  to tell as many jokes as he can during family dinner hour, and adds black pepper to my food when I'm not looking. Have an uneventful flight, and I'll see you in Jackson.

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As my grand daughter says ....two more sleeps, then we go right papa?

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Get packed Old Boot, there's only a  half sleep left!


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Turn off the snow long enough for us to get to the resort tommorow afternoon. I really really don't wanna get stuck in Denver till Sunday. They are calling for up to 18" or more by Sat evening. I'm so jealous that you guys are already there!!!

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Tomorrows weather is really sounding nasty for getting along the highway to Vail.  The winter storm warning says it will snow from tonight at 6pm until midnight MST Saturday.  At least they're calling for some clearing on Sunday, so if we can't get up there from the weather tomorrow, i guess we just head up as early as possibly on Sunday.

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Hey Old Boot and lady_Salina.


Not in Colorado quite yet. Have scheduled arrival in Denver early in the afternoon tomorrow, Saturday. If roads are closed due to heavy snowfall, not a major problem. B Jr. and I will either crash with friends in Denver/Golden, or find somewhere else safe to hunker down. If the dump is big enough to close the Vail Pass, then we'll be able to find fresh for many days to come. Worse fates in life than spending a day at A-Basin or other points east of a road closure. 


Drive safe.

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I will be working out of Lionshead thru the week, but stop by and say hi just before 9am any morning on the plaza... You 'll find a group of instr's gathering for our morning meeting.


Ask for Ric....


If I'm available for a run or more, I'd be happy to join you!


Or PM for my cell number....

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