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Age and certification (new)

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Teens who have been skiing for just a few years are invariably good skiers. On the other hand, skiers who start over the age of 30 produce different results. They don't seem to do as well as the teens. Assuming the observations are correct, there may be a correlation between age and skiing. You can answer the survey as long as you are an instructor, regardless the level of certification. I only include instructors to start. If you wish, I can attempt to make another survey which I am not sure the proper ways to do it.

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Can't seem to "vote".
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Very well executed poll!

Kneale, send me a PM describing the problem you are having.
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agreed. Good execution of a poll. By the way Jeff did it as you suggested also. He started a poll and didn't like the outcome and deleted his first poll. Then created a second one. (the reason for the (new) comment in the subject.

Hey AC. Congrats on finally breaking the 1K post mark. I guess you've been busy the last few weeks!
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