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Diabetic Superfeet

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Last year there was talk here of a new diabetic Superfeet that was being tested. I can't find it at the Sueprfeet website. Anyone know if this product was ever actually brought to market?


I don't have diabetes. I have neuropathy and am looking for an insole that supports the arch gently and has a soft top surface. Instaprints are too hard.

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yes, it is on the market, the product is called DMP it has a tri laminated top surface with cushioning, it is a little thicker in the forefoot than the normal ones and the surface may be a little tough to get your foot along getting into a ski boot....

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I spoke to the rep at a pod conference last week; while I can't speak for the fit in the boots, he did mentioned it being self molded after a few wears. There is however very limited distribution according to him due to it being more medically marketed that say the greens; you might have to find a doc or a orthotics lab to get a hold of a pair but YMMV

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