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Measure foot size standing up or sitting down?

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I know that shell fit is more important than using a foot measuring device for size, but who can settle the question of whether the size should be measured standing or sitting?


Sitting down, the foot is in its unweighted position. Some fitters say that's the position the foot should be in while weighted but SUPPORTED BY THE RIGHT ORTHOTIC.


Standing up the weighted foot splays and lengthens. Some say well then, get yourself the right orthotic and it won't do that, and measure the foot unweighted.


Others---and I have read this in this forum---say that the foot is intended to change shape with weight and pressure changes; it is not meant to rest rigidly on a hard orthotic. That would mean, measure the foot weighted.


I ask this because my foot measures 24 seated and 25 standing. Some fitters insist that 24 is the correct size for me, whereas every 24 boot that I tried on was too small. It's very hard to tell these folks the boot doesn't fit when the measuring device claims I'm a 24.


Just curious what you think about measuring sitting or standing.



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Measure standing.

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measure both seated and standing to see what the difference is, how much flexibilty there is in the foot and how mauch spread there is in width, base boot fit on the shell check

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when the foot is supported wiht a footbed it will usually be somewhere inbetween the weighted and un-weighted measurements

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+1 to CEM's comments, measure both, shell check both, try on all boots with your footbed or a trim to fit that is appropriate to the arch flexibilty and heel stance assessment.


In our shop we check both weighted and unweighted measurement. Shell check for length and width. Then "zero out" all zeppas before inserting your footbed, or a trim to fit footbed into the boot for try on.


If the bootfitter does not explain that you will feel tight in the toes when you first put the boot on, and then have you flex into the boot to try to lever the toes off the front, then leave you in the boot long enough for you to realize that the boot loosens up in the first 10 minutes, then I would run, not walk to the next bootfitter on your top 3 list and start over again.


Just because you measure a 25 weighted, does not mean you get a 25 shell. Between size 25 and size 26 is a full centimeter. If your length of foot is anywhere between 24.5 and 25.5 on the mondo brannock, you could end up in a 24 shell depending on your skiing skills, the number of days that you ski per year, and your tolerance for pain and suffering. The same considerations could put you into the 25 shell. It is all about you.


This is why bootfitters are waiting for you to come in and try on boots. So their life long dream of solving your individual needs will be fulfilled.





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Speaking of fulfilled needs - as a general rule of thumb, if the customer is really hot, she should have her foot measured whilst completely naked.  Which reminds me of that time....

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Excellent reply. I especially like your explanation of how I could be either a 24 or 25. I went with 25 for the reasons you list, especially ability level and tolerance.


I knew when I started this thread that "what the measuring device says" is not as important as shell fit etc., but it bugs me when fitters measure me sitting down and then cram my foot into a small boot, all the while claiming with much authority that this is the only way to do it.  They skip the questions about fit preferance or don't hear me when I say, "This fit is intolerable for me."


Thanks everyone, I'm clearer on this now.

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