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Pole durability - aluminum vs. carbon?

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I'm looking for some new poles after I snapped one of my Leki Vision Triggers when I fell over on some stairs last week in France (quite embarassing, seeing as there was a huge crowd waiting for the gondola [img]redface.gif[/img] ). I'm definately looking for another Leki Trigger model - the system is great, and I can get good deals on the Vision Viper, Vision Ventrix, Word Cup and Winglite models - but should I go with aluminum or carbon? I ski a lot of park, so durability is a major issue - I've only ever used aluminum in the past, and after heavy crashes I've bent poles, but they could always be bent back into shape. If I came down hard with a carbon pole, would it snap easily? With a fused aluminum/carbon pole, is the point where the pole changes from aluminum to carbon a weak spot? Any input would be most appreciated.
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I might be way off base here, but I would think any change in material there would be an inherent weak spot at that material change. But then, the makers know what they are doing. Boy oh boy Leki are spendy! But if you can get them at a good price go for it. If one bends but can be heated and bent back - good. If one breaks... that's it! .... Back to the store you go.

Regardless of what you buy, any pole that gets sat on hard... the pole is going to lose! [img]smile.gif[/img] Don't be embarrassed.... Stuff happens, right? [img]smile.gif[/img]

You make a great run. You come to a beautiful hokey stop or even a slow down slide. you come to a full stop. A split second later over you go, and you find yourself very intimate with ground level! Ever done that? [img]smile.gif[/img] naaaaah.... never! And it always happens when everyone is watching! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The most durable poles are ones that will never get stolen. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] I found the hard way that this is the biggest limitation on pole durability. My poles lasted me 7 seasons until some SOB stole them while I was in the ski shop picking up my skis after a tuneup. :
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I have broken or bent both Aluminum and Carbon fiber ploes. So I bought a pair of Titanium Poles that I loved. They were light, absorbed shock well and the grip so perfact for my hand..
As Alex said the most durable poles are the ones that Don't stolen. Like Alex I left my poles outside a Shop while I went in to have some work done on my skis. I got busy talking with the tech and getting set up for a demo while my skis were being tuned. When I got back out with Demo skis my poles and gloves were gone. The good news is .is that I didn't pay full retail for them and I had a back up pair of cheap poles and gloves in my Truck.
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I've used the same pair of Goode model 9000 carbon graphite poles since 1997, teaching full time every year. Still in perfect condition. Featherlight swing weight. Great balance. About $60. Defnitely recommended! Good luck!
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Carbon fibre poles are definitely stronger than aluminum. I've seen many aluminum poles bent or snapped but I have yet seen that happen to composite poles.

Carbon fibre also has more give and will spring back to original shape whereas aluminum will bend.

The negative on composite is that once the threshold is reached it will pop and snap instantly.
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I also prefer CF poles and think mine could be the same as Mike's. They are light and thin so easy to pole plant in windy conditions (often found where I ski). They are very durable but I do find one thing I don't like. Because they are so thin they do flex when weight is placed on them. It just doen't feel quite as secure when going through bumps. If I get caught off balance and want to lean on my pole it tends to bend a little for example. Also, if in gates, the starts aren't anywhere near as good, as I find rising up on my poles before triggering the wand feels like I'm swaying around on top of a couple of 30 ft bamboo poles!! Of course if seriously racing I wouldn't be using these poles, but for general skiing I wouldn't use anything else ... besides they look very cool [img]smile.gif[/img]


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