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This is a bug report.  When trying to add a tag to a topic, namely adding a resort tag, you have to page through 274 resorts to find the name.  Then, when you try to add the tag, you cannot (or I cannot) reach the button to tell it to add the tag without hitting F11 to make all the toolbars go away and reach the button you need to click.  I tried scrolling, but the screen just kept jumping to the same level, namely the bottom of the screen, hiding the button I needed to select unless I did the F11 thing.  Then I could reach it.

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When trying to use tags, try using the Tag Search link in the box:



Then you can search for the first few characters of a tag and it will give you options:



You can then click the tag(s) you want to add, then click add tags from queue. Hope that helps - thanks for trying out some of the new features.


There is a list of tutorials here: http://www.epicski.com/wiki/support


And the tagging one specifically is here: http://www.epicski.com/wiki/tagging-tutorial

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