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Ask the Boot Guys is an opportunity for members to interact with world class boot fitters, alignment specialists, pedorthists and physicians, specializing in making ski-footwear work with the greatest efficiency and to deal with anatomical issues to maximize skiing performance and comfort.  Please respect the following rules:.


  1. Any member is welcome to post a question. 
  2. Only members of the professional Boot Fitter group may reply to a question. 
  3. The original poster may ask follow-up questions.  
  4. Please make note of what NOT to ask the Boot Guys.


The "permissions" in Ask the Boot Guys are not automatically enforced.  Generally, moderators may delete or move posts that are not by the person asking a question, or a reply by one of the boot fitters.  However, we will exercise discretion, and will endeavor to retain posts that may not comply with these rules, but are of significant value.

If your question is one you want to address to the whole forum for reply, please post it in Ski Gear Discussions


 What Not to Ask in Ask the Boot Guys


Before you post a thread to the boot guys asking some variation of "Which Boot will work for me", or "can you suggest some brands", please stop. The boot guys cannot see your feet over the internet. The recommendation of a boot requires an evaluation of your foot shape, stance and other mysteries of the bootfitting art.


Read the bootfitting FAQ, and Boot Fitting Which Boot Will Work For Me.  Ask questions in the gear forum, but please try to keep questions in Ask The Boot Guys focused on specific problems, concerns and performance issues.


The following Wikis may have an answer to your question:


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Boot Fitting Terms And Glossary


Boot Fitters Alignment Is Key Says Dr D


Boot Fitters Campbell Balancer To Determining Ski Binding Position


Boot Fitters On Epicski Who is Who

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