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There is no more UserCp or forum Options?

I'd really like to personalize more, and set up basic options and stuff. The options on the my account page are really really really basic, and really have nothing to do with the forum.


The full page editor box has a bit of an overkill on the number. It looks to be about 1024 pixles tall.

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I see full page editor option isn't saved, I gotta click it every time If i so wanted to use it.

The new gear thing is really sweet, but kind of a PITA as well. I wish I could just type in my stuff in the box instead of searching around for the product in the gear section. I have no problem creating gear for the section, just seems like being able to type it in would work neat. And you cannot search the gear section, if you type in the search box, it searches the forum.
That or I searched for something that was not in the gear section.


I think really out of the new features, the colors are bothering me the most. I can addapt, but some stuff just seems like it should be on seperate pages. Like your personal gear, when you go to your "my account" page, that stuff should be in options or some other page, I should be able to see my recent threads and subscribed stuff up top, instead of scrolling around to find them. There probably isn't anything you guys can do about that.

The new recent stuff on the bottom of the page is really neat! I saw a few things and zipped over there really quick.
I'd really like to turn this forum thing off on the right side though, there is no option for that.
At least you can stop it for scrolling, but I'd rather have the forum use the whole page and not have that thing suck up half my window.

Please do not take my suggestions harshly. I do design and test. I'm looking at optimum experiance and simplicity. I know most older people get frustrated easily when things are not easy to use, or there is to much going on.

I'm sure its a work in progress!!!
If we could choose a few diff color scheems like the older board, that would help out a lot of people as well. I start to have a tough time differentiating from the whites to the blacks with all the bright colors.

I will give you guys props on setting a background color. I set some things on my computer to greys and such, and poor written code will show up easily, cause the backgrounds wont be set on the page, so they will show up as my default grey color. and they have all sorts of white images on the page. It's ammusing.

As With Bob B, I can do without the avatars as well. They are something that would be cool for like member profile pages, but they are so small, they are just distracting from the contrast of the rest of the page at the moment. I notice my eye is drawn to the avatars and not to other things.

The blue on the bottom of the page is awesome, so is the graphic. Perhaps some of those blues elsewhere on the page for bars or what not will help settle the white down a bit. Cause its a lot of white!

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This bug supprized me.

When you are uploading a picture, it does not tell you that you have incorrect characters in the name your saving it as before you click okay. I had (12).jpg which ( and ) are bad characters, but sometimes it doesn't matter. Anyways. It will let you click okay, and it will prompt you saying "you have incorrect characters, fix them before proceding"
Something like that.
Well you click okay, and it doesn't go back to the box, it starts trying to upload the picture and you have to reload the page and start over.

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The new interests box in the profile is awesome!  Great way for us to network with others with similiar interests.


Could we get more then 100 characters for this please?


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Originally Posted by Talyn View Post

The new interests box in the profile is awesome!  Great way for us to network with others with similiar interests.


Could we get more then 100 characters for this please?



We just took the exact character limitations from the old site. We can turn those up a bit.

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