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Ski clinics

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Hi all!

I have seen some references but no specifics here on multi-day clinics. As one involved in different competitive sports (NOT skiing) for years, I have seen big improvements w/short intense bursts of instruction (similar to a multi day ski clinic). I am in that intermediate rut. I am getting new skis, which after my demo-ing, I know will help. I've seen alot on the women specific clinics. I am not interested in that, as what will I do w/my husband???? I'd like a mixed clinic for this reason. (He probably needs the clinic more than I!) In addition, as a professional career woman, I've seen too many all female groups turn into a bunch of men hating whiners. That I am not interested in.

So, anyone know of any good ski clinics? I am considering Lito Tejada-Flores' clinic, but it is pricey, and in Aspen where everything else will be pricey as well.

Many thanks!

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Come to Boulder and I feel fairly certain we can customize a package for you at Eldora.

The SSD is a creative guy and a frequent participant here. He posts here under the name Robin or contact the ski school at


Send me a private message if you need any further assistance
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here is a link to a related thread. Most of the clinics are for strong skiers, but don't let that stop you. If you want to learn any of these guys will deliver.

related thread

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Casey O,

>>So, anyone know of any good ski clinics? I am considering Lito Tejada-Flores' clinic, but it is pricey, and in Aspen where everything else will be pricey as well.<<

There is a misconception that Aspen is more expensive than everywhere else. This is not true. It is as expensive as everywhere else. That is for a destination ski resort. So if you want to go to a big time ski resort and have a good ski week type lesson, then Lito’s program is a good one if you are a fan of his teaching style.

There is lodging, food and lift/ski school deals here if you are willing to spend the time and look for them. I think it may be a little late to do it this winter with Lito because I believe he is booked for this season, but starting now to set something up for next season would be a good idea. I hope this helps. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] ---------Wigs
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Casey O,

Wigs is right on the money. My wife went to lito's clinc last year. She learned a lot and had a great time. They have a deal with a local hotel which makes the lodging quite reasonable. You do need to book a year in advance...get on their mailing list and book right away. Although I'm a frugal skier by neccessity, since we have 5 skiers in the family, this was money well spent.

If you live on the east coast and you're looking for a less expensive option, drive up to tremblant. Their canadian ski week is something like $35/day and it's wonderful. Also, Killington has instuctor weeks before and after the main season that are very good. You don't need to be an instructor to attend.

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Thanks folks! Some good points. You are correct that I assumed the $$ of Aspen (and had heard rumors). I am spoiled as I know the ins and outs of California, and know where and how to get a good room rate here. Whether it be Tahoe (destination resort) or Mammoth, or in the summer, San Diego.

And thanks for the heads up on the booking out of the clinics. I have sent Lito's assistant my info. I am also booking out a year, as I have to submit vacation requests a year in advance to get time off my job!

I appreciate the input!

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I forgot to mention that the local Community College district does an instructors class at Mammoth. You don't have to be an instructor. I heard about it from a friend who is an instructor, but can't seem to get the time off when I need it. It is an absolute steal -- it includes the cost of some food, lift tickets and evening get togethers, for less than the price of a lift ticket!
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