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1/2 Day Lesson = 2 hours?

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It's really time to get my kids some lessons. Up to this point, they've pretty much just learned by doing, but  I'd defintely like to get them some good instruction right now to progress to the next level.


Was looking at the offerings at my home mountain, and for group lessons, they have half day and full day offerings.  The half day is 2 hours long.  Is this pretty standard? Seems awfully short -- I'd assume a half day would be 3 hours. My first reaction is this is just another case of my home mountain short-changing skiers (their current focus is hotel and water park).



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I go to the same area and have wondered the same thing.  We just started our son in the 1/2 day program and one of the things i'm thinking is that the limited time for lessons could be due to the general ages of the kids involved.  older/stronger kids can handle more physically than say a 5 year old.  In addition I wonder if they found that the kids loose focus as they get tired.  Of course that area seems to really be focusing on the new lodge, condos, and water park these days.  This is my first winter back on skis in 19 and am questioning why I stopped those years ago. 



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Yes, two to two-and-a-half hours is pretty standard for "half-day" lessons. Sometimes they'll go as long as three hours. Full-day lessons are often around five hours--say, from 10 am 'till 3:00 pm.


For kids, though, most ski schools will take them in earlier for all-day programs, although they still tend to end around 3:00. That gives parents time to pick them up and take a run with them, if you choose.


Don't worry--you, and your kids, can learn quite a lot in 2 1/2 hours, although I'd encourage you to look into full day programs, if they are offered where you ski. Either way, don't just take one. Plan to take a lesson now and then at least, regularly, to make sure you continue to progress in the right directions, and to keep bad habits from sneaking into your skiing.


Have fun!


Best regards,



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