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Some initial comments

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I just spent about 20 minutes reviewing the new site, adding my avatar and trying a sample post with pictures.  Great job on the new site.  I like how it loads much faster than the old site.  There are a lot of interesting new features I look forward to using.


Here are a few things I noticed while viewing the site with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.0.5.  I believe the viewing experience is a lot better with Firefox.  With IE7, the text size in the thread list is tiny.  I could not find a way to enlarge it.  With Firefox, I can use zoom to make the text larger, although this pushes some of the page off the screen (mostly the ads - which take up more screen real estate than the old site).  I also noticed that the size of the youtube videos is a good bit smaller in IE7 than Firefox.  These differences were not apparent with the old site.      


In the few minutes I spent trying a sample post with pictures, I noticed that that "preview post" from the old site is missing.  Perhaps the full page editor is meant to replace this feature but I was not able to get it to work correctly.  When I attached the image below from my harddrive, the picture was too big for the window when viewed in the editor.   I could not tell whether this is how it would look once I posted the thread.  Before I post a trip report with pics and videos, I like to see exactly how it will appear. 


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Agreed -- the editor is a bit too small (even in full page mode), and I miss "preview post".


Now, it's true that many of our posts are too long winded already, but when doing a ski review or trip report, it's nice to be able to see as much text as possible when writing so that we can work on flow with paragraphs, etc.  Preview post is essential for reviewing (like a draft) and doing touchups.

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  1. Post width is too narrow. i read the comments in the other thread about how the layout is fixed-width and wide monitors will get a large white space. FIX IT ASAP to variable width, widescreen monitors are common....
  2. No multi-quote button
  3. Slow due to the new UI (Flash?) fanciness (more then we need IMHO)
  4. Colors are very bland, and the lack of definition between sections sucks




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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post

Agreed -- the editor is a bit too small (even in full page mode), and I miss "preview post".


Preview post makes a lot of sense...we'll try to get that in shortly.


We've added an incredible amount of functionality working with the Epic team for the last while and will keep adding more and more - don't worry! This is step 1.


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Nice job. Hope you aren't completely fried after all the hard work and can enjoy the 'glow'.


A couple observations:

-the auto-spellchecker highlights incorrect spelling, but I can no longer access 'suggestions' with right clicking or the ctrl key.

-delete post option is MIA (which I'm sure you are aware

-I didn't find signature set up options or preferences

-can't change Wiki title.




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I am impressed, overall--nice job!


I do agree with the comments above--need a preview feature, and...wait--I'm in "full-page editing mode" and I can't see the other posts in the thread now to make more comments on them. Hmm....need that!


First impressions, because they can be important, and there won't be another opportunity for them:


  • I miss signatures (never thought I'd say that--I've argued against having them in the past) although I'm glad to be rid of images in signatures. Selfishly, I liked being able to promote the EpicSki Academy with a simple link in my old signature.
  • I do like the improved wysiwyg editor, where text actually becomes bold or italic instead of just surrounded by codes.
  • But as noted, we still need a "preview" feature, and to be able to read the previous thread posts while in the editing window.
  • I could do without avatars. Hate them, actually.
  • Where are post counts? I like to see who the regular posters are when I visit a forum. Perhaps I've just not found them yet, but I think post counts are important.
  • Where are current statistics--who's here, how many people are logged in, how many members, posts, threads, who's doing what, who are newest members, etc? I miss these too!
  • While I like white--especially for a snow-based forum, I'd like to see more of the old color scheme that has a strong association with EpicSki. It's our "brand." Along with that, I guess we've abandoned previous logos and such, too. I'm not crazy about the little tiny mountain scene EpicSki logo, but I suppose it will grow on me. It seems graphically out of proportion.
  • I wonder--do the old smiley codes work? ;)  :)  I guess I won't know until I hit "submit," will I?


Much more to explore...and I suspect I'll find answers to a few of my questions and concerns as I continue to look around. It is a very good start!


Best regards,


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Bob, for full wysiwyg editing with vBulletin, you need only enable it in your usercp/options.  Been there for years.


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How can you see if someone is online?


Where is a list of my subscritions where I can see when it was updated and by who?


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This post is a perfect example of why a delete feature is needed.  I posted an observation, and then went back and found what I thought was missing.  My post was moot, in fact it was just plain wrong but I can't do anything but edit it.


So, never mind.

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I noticed somebody talking about USER CP.

I have not yet seen the forum options link at all to get to UserCP.

The new post thing is pretty neat, but i'm a fan of simple and quick. While this is cool, i think it looses functionality. It is different, but like somebody said earlier, no post preview.


Multi quote is a NESSISTY!!

Like bob has said, post count.
This is kinda important, so you can help figure out if somebody is new or not. Or just a PITA like me. haha. =)

For colors. More blues would be awesome. While yes, snow is white/blueish. Holy white ness batman! I'm blind. Just needs some more contrast, thats all. =)

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