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Ditto on font size, I'm squinting to read the tiny print.  You should have an 'old geezer' mode.

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Bumping this critical item back to the top.  The wasted space on the screen (width) is highly annoying...only eclipsed by the headache inducing colors and fonts.

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The font size sucks.  I'm young and have good eyesight and I can barely read it.    So I guess I'll be using the old geezer mode too!!

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Doing another pass through all feedback and bug threads to compile a list for dev. meeting tonight. This has been added - thanks!


Specifically, are you all thinking the font in the body of the forum is too small? The font in the forum home (i.e. All?





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Now that I compare the font-size to other forums I visit, it's probably not the size, and more the colors which lead to squinting, which leads to the text being difficult to read.  So, I think it seems smaller than it actually is because of the colors.

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Although, the font-size on the forum list pages is pretty small.  Not sure if others find that as a significant issue.

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We did an overlay of this font with the previous EpicSki font and got the following picture:



It appears they are the same height, but maybe with a width difference. Anyway, let's see how folks are doing after we adjust the background coloring. Thanks.

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