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Bousquet Ongoing Report

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I skied from 11-3 today. I thought the snow would be good since we had some natural precipitation.  Monday it was hero snow and I skied almost all day, so I thought that after Wednesday's 5 inches of snow, then freezing rain, then more snow, that it would be good after it all got groomed into the mix.


Today was nothing but chicken heads and frozen fruit (everything from tangerines to cantaloupes).    It wasn't all that nasty, but it warmed up and got scraped into piles later in the day and then it was really the crap.


Doing the snow dance tonight.   We're skiing tomorrow night, too.


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Tonight was BUTT COLD, with a wind, and the snow was a little better but scraped off by the time I got there for night skiing.  


I was tired tonight and left early.   I have clinic on Monday, and will be in Jackson Hole for 7 days.   Why maim myself on Bousquet's baby trails when I can kill myself in Wyoming?  Save it up!

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Do I ever learn?   Today was tropical, the snow was.......excellent.....and I was too pooped to ski very long.  It was HOT.   You could have skied in t-shirts, and some kids were doing just that.


 So I cleaned the patrol room bathroom and kitchen sink.  I love to torture myself. 


Clinic tomorrow.

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Skied almost all day in HERO SNOW!!   Mild temps, no wind, sun for a while.   I skied every run except Roberto's Chute, which just scares me, and skied very well.


Get out there and enjoy it, peeps!   It's GOOD out here!


There was an incident on Jewett today when someone ran off trail near the top and injured a knee.   I volunteered to carry down the patrol bag while another friend in the clinic carried the injured skier's skis and poles.   The bag was about 20 pounds and I wore it like a backpack.


I was on a trail that I normally wouldn't ski unless conditions were awesome.   Today they were awesome and I felt strong. 


The BACKPACK made it impossible for me to sit back on my skis, which is something I have a problem with.   It made me get forward on my skis.   I never skied so well!


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Sweet. Sounds like you are getting out a lot and finding fun snow. The time you put in on the local hill will pay off in JH.

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