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Performance Fit - Salomon

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turns out that my current pair of boots are too big. they were fitted in a ski shop but obviously not by a knowledgeable bootfitter. After skiing in these oblivously for a couple of years (< 15 days/year), they packed out to the point where my feet were swimming. After reading here, I estimated 1" behind my heel in a shell fit and the guys who tune my skis took a look and said, "yeah, the boots are at least a size too big".

The boots are XWaves (model before holes were drilled in sides). I believe I read somewhere on here that people who had XWaves are getting Impact 10's in a size smaller?

If that is the case and using as a guide my current boots (28.0-28.5 w/ 28.5 liner 315 sole) that are too big, should I be looking at 26.0 - 26.5 in an Impact 10 for a performance fit? My foot measures ~ 27.5 unweighted and 28.2 weighted. I'm looking for a good bootfitter in my area/region but would like to have an idea whether a 26.0 - 26.5 might be realistic with some work in case the bootfitter steers me towards the 27.0 - 27.5. I understand that there may be other foot issues that would take me to a different size, just would like to be able to understand so I can at least ask the questions of the fitter.
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look for a 5-10mm shell fit. that is more key then your foot, or boot numbers, but overall a 26 would be a good starting point.

FYI: my foot is 26.5 unwieghted, 27.0 weighted, and I have skied in a 25 wave, 25 falcon, and 24 impact (but that was VERY tight) You might be able to fit even a 25, but again that is where a bootfitter can help you more in person

So again it is key is finding a good bootfitter to help you. Lots of other brands will have a similar fitting boot to the impact (lange fluid, nordica speed machine, etc)
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if the sole length of your old boot is 315 then it is a 27.5 not a 28.5 the 26.5 in the impact should be just great...... make sure you shell check the boot and if above 20mm then it is too big somewher from 5-15 is optimal dependant on your perception of fit/comfort/performance
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my mistake,  boot sole is 325mm...


I appreciate the input.   I would never have thought a 26 could be possible and might have told a bootfitter they were nuts if they even tried.   I am going to do everything I can to get my next pair of boots right and I understand that starts with finding a good bootfitter.  


Thanks again!

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