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tips on a cheap utah trip?

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for an extended weekend getaway sometime in February or March. I'm really flexible on dates, just would like to include a weekend. Looking to spend 3 or 4 nights, and will have to fly from Chicago. Does anyone have any tips? I've only been to Colorado and my local places in WI and MI, never Utah.

Location isn't an issue, just as long as the hotel is clean, and within a reasonable driving distance to the mountains (I don't even know where to try), and a few places to eat. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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We have stayed at the Crystal Inn in Midvale before and it was great. It was clean, had pool and hot tub, and the best part was the included full breakfast and dinner. That saved 2 meals per day. From there, you can easily access the 4 cottonwood resorts and I think it is even on the bus route.
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We have stayed twice at Extended Stay at Sandy. It is a very good deal pricewise and a short drive to Little Cottonwood Canyon which gives you access to Snwbird and Alta. Sandy has a large number of restaurants and shopping malls within walking distance of the hotels. I asuume from your post that you are driving because in spite of the city's claims the buses don't work too well from Sandy. If the weather is snowy, drive to the park and ride parks at the base of the canyon and get the bus up and back.


 If your group thinks the terrain at the 'Bird and Alta may be too challenging then think about staying at Midvale which is closer to Big Cottonwood Canyon where you can ski Solitude and Brighton with an easy drive.

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Look for ticket deals at the supermarkets or through your hotel. 

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Discount tickets are easy to come by. Most ski shops (Canyon Sports is a big one) have discount tix for about $10 off of window price. I've even seen them at Sports Authority, so you won't have a problem there.

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I've just booked a trip - salt lake city superpass gives you Solitude/BrightonAlta/Snowbird plus bus travel after you've exchanged the coupon & I booked a cheap motel in Midvale.  I guess it may technically be possible to do without a rental car but once I priced in an aiport shuttle plus convenience I went for the rental.

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Rental cars are cheap in SLC.  Alamo has a $10/day weekend promotion.

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Here's a deal: Pair Pass at the Canyons. 

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Pair Pass is only good until 12 Feb (ie, weekend after next).


Traditional way to maximize is to fly in early, and use a Quick Start pass (valid in the PC areas only - check black out dates), to get a free day.


Then you can get discount tickets at many places as indicated above for most areas. Some car rental agencies have really cheap weekend rates so shop around.


Fly out late day, so you get a full day in without having to stay another hotel night.

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I am going to SLC the last week of February. I found a great deal at the Best Western in Midvale:


Stay two nights get the third night free. Rooms are $79.95 plus tax. They also sell discounted lift's a pretty good deal.

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