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Well, guess it's time for me to take another break.  Are those guys in the white coats at the door for me?  How thoughtfull, and priority transportation too !!!

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Is there room in the back for me?


The whole process reminds my of a French company I worked for where we had to run our geophysical work stations on crappy French software.


Everytime we complained, they did a study to show the French software had more capability.  It did, but it was still bad software. 


There is a big difference between capability and functionality.

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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
There is a big difference between capability and functionality.


Neither means anything without USABILITY.


Ironically, when I tried to quote the above bit for the first time, the reply window came up (with the 'Subscribe' option checkbox) and sat empty (minus that box) for 3-4 minutes.  I just tried again, and it worked...




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You can try to set your birthday on a single digit month and you'll see what I mean.


But if you don't see what I see, than it's probably one of those many complains which only happens to some people but not others. I myself had hit other snags that goes away on subsequent try.


What do I care what the birthday entry? I usually enter 1-1 but since that doesn't work, I enter 12-31!


But for those who faithfully put theirs in, they too, might hit the same snag.


I've come to realize I should stop using the forum for the time being and wait for the kinks to get worked out. I've done my share of being a beta tester for a day and that's just about enough.


Maybe I'll come back in a month, or maybe in a couple months (that would make it almost next season ;-) ).


(Ooops, emoticans don't seem to work the same way! well, never mind...)


The issue you describe only seems to effect dates with years earlier than 1902, after cursory testing.  We'll have this issue fixed shortly.  Please address any future bug reports to the feedback forum; we'll be much more likely to see them there.

My bad. I didn't want to give my real birty year (nor date). But I didn't want anyone to look up a random number and take it seriously by mistake. So I picked an obviously bougs one: 1-1-1901, which the software choked!!! 


Y2K all over again? ;)


[EDIT] arhhh... keep forgeting emoticans don't work the "easy" way any more! 

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I was a scant 12,432 away from catching up with Trekchick. 


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I wanted to use the new site for a few days before adding my comments.


I agree with many others that the font is too small and the background too bright.  This should be a relatively easy fix.


I understand management's desire to expand the site, especially to help it pay it's own way.  I am one cheap bastard who has never ponied up the $20 to become a supporter, yet I am on this site way too often.  I visit a few other ski forums and for many reasons Epicski is the best one for me.  That said, the main focus of Epicski has always been the forums.  Now, when I click on the home page I don't get that...which is fine for me or other members who know what's what.  However, for a new user coming to the site for the first time your eye is drawn to the constantly changing gear box located right in the center of the page.  If I were designing the home page I would make it less cluttered and steer the users eyes and attention towards the forums.


So to keep this old crank happy just a bit of design tweaking.  Thanks all.

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Just when I thought it was safe to come back, This??  I think it is awful.  I do like the spell check.  But that is about all. 

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What is with the picture?  Yuck,

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Originally Posted by Kima View Post

What is with the picture?  Yuck,


They assigned a stock photo to every user.    Yeah, it would have been better to have a blank or a placeholder as the default, but what's done is done.  Change it if you don't like it.


They gave me the dog with ski goggles.  I changed it to the picture you see here.  Nice doggy.

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