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Jay Peak 1/30/09

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I could not ski today. However, I WILL ski tomorrow. I will be leaving Boston around 3:45am, driving 4 hours to Jay Peak, and spending the day hunting out whatever is left from the 20in that's fallen there since Tuesday.

It will ALSO be my first chance to get out on my new 183 Bro's, which were just mounted with PX15's today!!!

I'm going to try to convince my boys that we should pause for a picture every now and again tomorrow... that usually doesn't end up happening, but I'll try!

Will post back here soon...

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you will have good times my friend, i was out there today but up here in maine , and i had good times! you can see the conditions i skied here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD6AM...e=channel_page

20 " at jay peak may be overstating it . there is a sick base right now in the east lets hope for fresh till june.
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Nice vid's dude.

Love me some Shawnee Peak.

I was at Saddleback yesterday. Just shy of epic!
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OK, so after a LONG day yesterday I am back home and trying to figure out this whole new site.  Anyways... here goes with the TR


I left my house in Malden Ma at 3:45 am yesterday, 1/30.  With stops for gas and coffee along the way, I arrived at the mountain right around 8.


Unfortunately my new 183's still had to be scraped from the final wax cycle, so I missed the 8:30 (patrol) tram by a matter of minutes.


No matter, I hustled my ass over to the Bonaventure Quad, and was able to get on the fourth chair up.


There was an inch or two of new fluff sitting on top of 12+ inches from the day before, which hadn't really gotten skied all that much so there were plenty of shin-knee deep fresh turns to be found!


Being my first day on the 183 Bros (full review coming later... to a wiki?) I started on a steep groomer, but then quickly jumped right back into my regular terrain (glades, un-marked woods, steep open trails with exposed rocks, steep, tight chutes, etc.)


I was able to find fresh snow to ski in all day long, and there is definately plenty left for anyone who can get there this weekend!

I DID stop to take a few pictures during one run yesterday, although not many.  I was the only one with a camera and didn't pass it around, so there are no shots of me... but:


The tram was packed to capacity all day

Inside Jay Peak Tram



We went exploring...

Jay Peak



And found exactly what we were looking for!

Jay Peak cliff drop

Jay Peak cliff drop



Our Ski School's Technical Director managed to find a little time to come out and play in the fresh snow too!



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I skied Jay this past week, Monday through Thursday.  Wednesday was phenomenal.  Light snow started Tuesday night and by 10:00 Wednesday morning it was coming down hard.  The Tram and Flyer were down due to winds (which I didn't understand since they opened them up Thurday with comparable winds) but you could still find 8-10 inches of untouched snow on trails late in the afternoon.  Sorry, but no pics.  

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