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Silly Ski School Olympics

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Can ayone think of stupid events for a ski school olympics. Here are a few I had in mind.

Switch GS - since we spend so much time skiing backwards. Why not try to run gates that way?

50 meter sprint - self explanatory, but you have to do it while carrying six pairs of skis.

100 meter skate - You must skate 100 meters uphill and then untangle a dummy put it's skis back on and then ski back down.

Can anyone else think of an event? It can be timed or judged, but has to have some kind of scoring criteria.
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How about racing on two different skis (e.g. a 195 on your left foot and a 140 on your right)

Drinks slalom? Based on the old lesson of getting the student to ski down and pick up a glove, set up a course with shot glasses. Each racer must ski around the glass, stop below it, drink it, then procede to the next one...

Then there's the Olympic sports:
Long jump (in ski boots on powder)
High jump (on skis - jump a ski pole)

As I think of them, I'll post some more...

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egg in the mouth while skiing bumps.
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Fox - dare I ask what's in the shot glasses? Guiness?
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Something we did in preseason clinics: On your beginners slope ski 20 or so yards blind folded to a circle marked with dye. The closest to center wins.

With a coach to call when to turn, ski gates, also marked with dye, blind folded. Time it so the winner makes the gates and has best time.

All but your very best skiers will rock back on their heels and probably fall on their butt.

Edit: Forgot to mention the need for a 'spotter' to tell skier when to stop. Did I really need to say?

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That one sounds good. I imagine the adaptive coaches would have an advantage here having blind-guided before.
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We do a schlepping race at our spring carnival. You need long enough pieces of board (2X4 or something like that )to mount 5 pairs of bindings on (We've even done it with snowboard bindings). You put together teams of 5 and race around a course. We do this on the flat for safety, but they used to do it downhill on more skilike boards. You can set up rounds so you only need 2 teams racing at a time, or use time around the course, and only need one pair of schlepping "skis". We set a course that goes around the mark and back (a little like match racing in sailing).
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Head-to-Head elimination round sideslip drag races. (no poles, side-by-side 6-7' wide lanes)

My HS race teams did this each season to get bragging rights as "ultimate edger", AKA: "fastest skidder".

16 would run four quarter final heats of 4 racers, each heat advancing top 2 to two semi-final heats, each running 4 and again advancing top 2 to final four.

This does require skill, but can evoke snowboarder like endo's, so gentle/moderate terrain, it is funnier the slower they go.

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-Freestyle Chairlift Riding
-Ballet of course [img]smile.gif[/img]
-Snowblading/Skiboarding races in the bumps
-Ski Racing - lock the brakes up, launch skis down a straight hill, have several safety fences and a camera at the bottom
-Put them all on snowboards, divide into teams, see who can block the largest section of hill

I really like the sideslip race.
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Whatever the challenge, you need a special reward like the end of season ski school "olympics" where I began teaching many years ago. If you successfully completed a challenging event, at the next station you got to lock lips with another instructor of your choice.

And the reward for the grand prize winners-well we won't go there [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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...now there's an idea of the Epic Academy. These kind of awards for students could be quite motivational.

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0-DIN bunny hill GS; Do it like a water-ski slalom, and count the gates before the ejection. Later rounds, make the gates tighter.

And I can't believe no one here has yet quoted the classic:

"The Lambada - the forbidden dance."

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