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Head IM77 170

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Thanks for your reviews on skis. I've been skiing since 6 and my prior skis were 30 years old (Yamaha Paramount 205 racing skis) - had Rossi 102 prior. With the boys out of college, I splurged for an 07 model ski ($248) and got Head Monster iM77 170s. Wow, what a difference from those 205s. These Heads carved on ice better than the old 205s with sharp edges, and thru afternoon wet crud I liked them alot.

Question ?
On the back of the iM77 skis it has a label ( F-Index 1529 ), which I assume is the flex from front to back -> 1 5 2 9. I've searched the forums to compare this flex index to others but haven't found any mention of it.

Again, thanks for your reviews. It's hard for me to demo skis and I am very happy with these.
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is that not the Floatation Index?

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the area of surface contact reatly determines the skiing properties of a ski.  the higher the F-Index the more distinct are the off-piste and deep snow properties of a ski."


From 2003 - 2004 Head technical manual.  I leave it to you to decide what that means ...


Also from the technical manual ...


"F-Index    measures the surface area and, thus, the suitability of a model for off-piste terrain"



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