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Downhill Slide

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I read the title Downhill Slide by Hal Clifford here first and I need to tell everyone it is a MUST read. Thank you to whomever posted the title. If you are at all concerned about our sport I truly believe this is a book you must read. The book gives a very in depth insight to what has happen, what is happening, and what the future might bring and is bringing to our sport.

Rapidly you will understand what I posted on another thread. Ski areas are not about skiing like many think they are! If we sit on our behinds like we have been many of our children and grandchildren will NEVER enjoy the mountains and the snow sports we love; they will never be able to afford it for one!

Do yourself a favor and read the book!

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Rapidly you will understand what I posted on another thread
What thread are you refering to. I'll check out this book.
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