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Looking to buy new 168cm Volkl Supersport S5 Titanium skis with Marker Motion iPT 12 piston binding I saw posted on a web site for $300. Any feedback would be appreciated?
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Did you ever buy the Supersports?


I know my opinion may be biased but I love these things. I have this exact ski, length and all. I’ve had them for two seasons now. I can tell you that they are great eastern ski, lots of edge hold on the hard pack and really stable at speed. The first two turns of any run are a bit of right-off, but once the ski gets moving, all the performance is there. Whether you like big carves or medium radius fall line turns, this ski is there for you. It’s just matter of ability. The more you can put in the more you will get out. These are a great ski for an advanced intermediate skier that wants a ski to improve their skill on.


I also just bought a pair of 09 Racetiger SL PS in a 165. These things are a lot of work by comparison. Shorter radius turns and faster turn initiation from the start but man they can tap your energy in big hurry. The S5’s are by comparison a much better all day ski. For me, the hard part is know which ski to keep.





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